Release Date : Mar 01,2013
Aandava Perumal
Review by : Behindwoods Review Board
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Production: Parasakthi Cinemas, R Jana
Cast: Idhaya, Jeeva, Sivan
Direction: Priyan
Music: Ravi Chandran
Background score: Ravi Chandran
Singers: Rahul Nambiar, Ravichandran, Velmurugan
Lyrics : Viveka

We have had countless Tamil movies which have the following components – a jobless hero with a caring father, naughty sister and an equally wastrel friend who doubles up as the comedian, the hero’s one side love and the inevitable clash with a gangster with the bone of contention being the heroine.

Aandava Perumal also joins this long list of movies and it has nothing new to offer, whatsoever. The film’s only relief comes in the way of some funny moments in the first half. For example when a character by the name Ajith Kumar says that he is an assistant manager in Swiss Bank (!!!) and when another guy listens to a Telugu song and calls it an Urdu song written by Amitabh Bachchan, you can’t help but laughing at the sheer buffoonery and inanity.

The hero, Sivan, lacks the physical requirements or the countenance to qualify as a solid hero material. His attempts at dance in the opening number also fall flat. His comic attempts are half-passable though. ‘Lollu Sabha’ Jeeva as the side-kick provides hardly any memorable funny moments and in fact Sivan turns out as the better comedian in Aandava Perumal. The heroine Idhaya just about passes muster in the looks department and her equation with Sivan suddenly catches fire towards the end, inexplicably.

The film has been made on a meager budget by R.Jana and nothing much can be said about the cinematography or the locations. The BGM score has about three or four tracks which are repeated at regular intervals, almost with clockwork precision. None of the songs will stay with you after you leave the cinema hall.

Towards the end, we are supposed to sympathize for the hero and the director,Priyan, has tried his best to induce that feeling in us by replaying all of the hero’s so-called memorable moments in the movie in one flash. 

Verdict: As cliched and contrived as it can get.