Release Date : Feb 15,2013
Murder 3
Review by : Kaushik L M
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Production: Fox Star Studios, Vishesh Films
Cast: Aditi Rao Hydari, Randeep Hooda, Sara Loren
Direction: Vishesh Bhatt
Music: Pritam, Roxen (band)
Cinematography: Sunil Patel
Editing: Devendra Murdeshwar
Singers: KK, Mustafa Zahid, Shafqat Amanat Ali
Distribution: Fox Star Studios

The previous 'Murder' movies were known for their deadly combo of sex, thrills and good music. Actresses like Mallika Sherawat and Jacqueline Fernandez got a huge boost thanks to these 'Murder' movies which were a big success at the box-office as well. While Emraan Hashmi was the male lead in the earlier movies, Randeep Hooda fills in for this edition of the franchise with two alluring women for company in the form of Aditi Rao Hydari and Sara Loren.

'Murder 3' is the official remake of the Colombian movie ‘The Hidden Face’. The plot revolves around a big shot fashion photographer (Randeep Hooda), his missing girlfriend (Aditi Rao) and the new girl (Sara Loren) that comes into his life as a result of his girlfriend’s mysterious disappearance. The first half moves at a snail’s pace with songs and some intimate moments thrown in. Post the interval, the mystery about Aditi’s disappearance begins to unravel interestingly.

The movie abides by all the stereotypes and clichés associated with Indian thriller movies like an old palatial house which is deserted, a mysterious servant and creepy props like a painting. The music, by Pritam and the band Roxen, is also decent like other 'Murder' movies while the movie has a sleek and glossy look. The dreamy locales of Cape Town are another treat for the audience.

Both the girls make sure that the male members in the hall have no reasons to complain, thanks to their generous skin showcase. While Sara Loren takes the skin-show honors in the first half, Aditi Rao makes up in the second half. There are some bathroom scenes and lots of tight close-ups on the girls’ assets to abide by the ‘Murder’ glamor template that is well-known by now.

Randeep Hooda looks imposing and manly but the movie doesn’t demand much of his performing capabilities. There are just two more investigating police characters in this movie which majorly revolves just around the lead cast and the girls in particular.

Thanks to the original source material, the mystery in the second half is exciting and definitely succeeds in interesting an otherwise laidback audience. The climax though could have been more gripping given the way the finale was set up. The sluggish pace in the first half, though justified in the second half, could have been spruced up a bit more. And the way Sara Loren, playing a waitress, falls so quickly for an utterly drunk Randeep in the first half and even drives him safely to her home is hard to believe.

To sum up, 'Murder 3' is another typical movie from the Bhatts with its fair share of thrills, good production values and titillation. But given an interesting source material, a lot more was expected from this remake than the solace in the second half. 

Verdict: Thanks to ‘The Hidden Face’, the thrills in the second half save the movie to an extent.