Suriya is ready for Singam 3. Will Hari oblige? - Event Story

Jun 02, 2013

The team of Singam 2 comprising Suriya, director Hari, Hansika Motwani, producer Lakshman Kumar, DOP Priyan, lyricist Viveka and composer Devi Sri Prasad met the press today at the Hilton Hotel in Chennai ahead of the grand audio launch planned at the Chennai Trade Center, this evening. 
Most of the team members kept their speeches short and sweet except the main men of the occasion, Suriya and Hari, who were more elaborate and forthcoming in their comments. 
Lakshman Kumar, who happens to be Karthi's childhood friend, said that they produced Singam 2 to celebrate the success of the first part. Lyricist Viveka said that there would be 6 songs totally and credited DSP and Hari for the output. Hari used to sit with him and demand interesting lyrics and better his work even more. Viveka also told that he felt proud seeing Suriya's majestic presence in the opening song of Singam 2 (S2).
DOP Priyan was happy with the full co-operation and support extended by the producers and said that he had used expensive equipment and state of the art technology in making S2 a grand and slick product. 
DSP admitted that the earlier Singam was a big break for him and this time around the music will be even more lyrically superior with no compromises. He was also impressed by director Hari's taste in music and the situations that were presented to him for S2's songs. DSP also gave a teaser to the audience about Suriya's special dance skills in S2. Hansika credited director Hari for extracting all those cute expressions and gestures from her in this movie. 
Hari said that even during the making of Singam, he and Suriya had decided to make another film together and on Suriya's request following demands by his fans, Hari decided to make a sequel to Singam. This police story would be different from Hari and Suriya's other police films such as Saamy and Kaakha Kaakha. Hari admitted that he had worked the hardest in his career, on this movie's screenplay along with his team of assistants. The entire screenplay and the dialogs of the movie were ready before the shooting started and he shot with belief that the movie would work big time. 
This is also the Hari movie which was in production for the longest time i.e. 8 months and he thanked his producers for not sparring any expenses in shooting across the world in countries such as South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore. He also said that he has not compromised on logic and realism, as a mark of respect to the reviewing press. He was happy that all the actors who were part of Singam could act in S2 as well despite the 3 years gap, thanks to God's grace. About Suriya, Hari said that he is actually about 40% bulkier in S2 and that he had considerably slimmed down for his next film with Gautham. 
Suriya said that the movie's dubbing is going to be completed and that he was happy at what he has seen till now. He is also ready to do Singam 3 and threw the ball in Hari's courts. He thanked all the members who worked for S2 and believed that cinema was sheer magic and team work. He frankly pointed out that Singam was a big turning point in his career from a fan base perspective as well as from a commerce perspective and thanked Hari for that big break. He felt the pressure of Singam's success while working in S2 and was confident that it would be a different police film in his career and a sure milestone at that. 
Suriya also had good words to say about Hansika's growth and DSP's energy packed music. He was happy to work with Hari and Priyan for the 4th time and said that they could communicate just through their minds, thanks to their extensive experience and understanding of one another. 
At the event, many new teasers and clippings of Singam 2's songs were presented to the media and they promise a full-on masala entertainer in typically racy and fiery style.




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