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Apr 13, 2013

The team of the upcoming film Thee Kulikkum Pachai Maram met the press and shared some interesting facts and features of their film, which features former Sun Music VJ Prajan in the lead as a person who works in the mortuary.

Prajan is seen in two striking makeovers in this movie and it is hard to spot the man. His effort is immense and the trailer screened was interesting to say the least. There is one shot which shows the hero quietly stealing a shoe from a dead body that arrives in the mortuary and this visual is chilling.

The music has been composed by Jithan Roshan and dialogues have been penned by Goutham. Veteran DOP, Madhu Ambat has shot the movie. 

The plot of the movie goes like this. Prajan’s character has a disturbed childhood which leads him to a correction center. When he grows up, he doesn’t get a job due to his shady past but he somehow escapes all the negative influences around him and lands a job in the mortuary. There, he observes illegal organ trading being carried out by the authorities and what he does to prevent this is the movie’s interesting premise. 

This movie is based on a real life incident observed by the directors in Kerala. The director duo, Vineesh and Prabeesh, noticed one such youngster in Kerala and the movie is based on the guy’s experiences at the mortuary.

This was actually made as a short film in Kerala and landed many awards too. The directors then decided to make this as a feature film in Tamil due to the encouragement provided by director Samuthirakani and also due to the progressive, welcoming and experimental mindset prevailing in the Tamil industry.

The director of the Srikanth movie Bose, Senthil, said that when he saw this movie, he felt restless and unsettled for the first 20 minutes or so but after that, he found the movie so riveting that he couldn’t leave even during the intermission segment of the screening.  He deemed this movie as a ‘one of a kind’ experience.

Director Ameer said that like how Sethu launched the careers of stalwarts like Bala, Vikram and indirectly even himself, Samuthirakani and Sasikumar, this movie would similarly stand the team in good stead in the coming years. He recollected the struggles experienced by the producer of Sethu when he had to screen close to a hundred press shows before he could finally release the movie in theaters.

On the whole, one may expect a raw film bearing the stamps of the likes of Bala and Ameer.



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