The spirit of Silk Smitha will thank me - Sana Khan - Event Story

Apr 06, 2013

The trailer release of upcoming Tamil-Malayalam bilingual, Nadigayin Diary happened on 6th March at Prasad Labs, Chennai. The film is another biopic of the late actress, Silk Smitha and is not the remake of ‘The Dirty Picture’.

Director Anil introduced the film and his team to the gathering. “Everybody says this is the story of Silk Smitha. But to me this is the life of an incredible actress. In a nutshell, Nadigayin Diary is the story of a lady’s journey from a remote village to an unmatchable stardom”, explained Anil, the director of the film.

Sana Khan, the lead lady of the film, tried to explain how important this movie is in her career. “I will not mind if I my career comes to an end after this movie, because that is the level of satisfaction I have got from the movie,” smiled Sana Khan.

She also feels pity for Silk Smitha. “The climax was emotionally depressing for me and I found it extremely hard to do it,” she recollects. Sana was all praise for Anil, the director. She credits the director for all her good works.

It was very noble of the actress to credit the dubbing artiste (Sreeja Ravi) for doing a perfect job in the studio. To quote Sana Khan, “Her voice and modulation add value to my performance.”

Ask her how strong is she in real life, the Silambattam star says she would never opt for a suicide, even during the most terrible situation of her life and that she is mentally stronger than most of the men she has known.

She also flaunted the humorous side of her while saying that the spirit of Silk Smitha would never haunt her and that on the contrary would only praise and thank her for immortalizing the late actress.

Aadhi Ram, the executive producer of the film and the director of Silandhi, expressed his confidence in the film. “Who wouldn’t be nosy enough to read the personal diary of a famous actress?” questioned the executive producer.

Producer/director Keyar talked about the importance of the title for a film. “I hear The Dirty Picture was made at a budget of Rs 9 crore and went on to make more than hundred crores at the box office. That’s the magic of a title and I’m impressed with this title too,” enthused Keyar about the title, Nadigayin Diary.



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