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Sep 16, 2015

Kamal and intelligence are synonyms and here is why it is so. Thoongavanam's trailer was exactly launched at 4.21 PM IST with a reason. The film's major portion happens at a club called Insomnia. The medical code for Insomnia, i.e. the inability to sleep is 421 and that is why the gripping trailer got released at the said time.


Only very few people, like Kamal can come up such novel concepts. His ideas and thoughts have always been deep and it takes certain level of competency to readily accept and interpret them. Thoongavanam is touted to be an official remake of a French film titled Sleepless Nights and the very proceedings of the film’s trailer launch was unique and creative. As soon as the trailer got relayed twice, each in Tamil and Telugu, no time was spared for the celebrities to get on stage. Kamal himself played the host and each celebrity was called to the podium to introduce the other technician.


When Prakash Raj sounded happy for sharing the screen-space with the legend once again, he also said, “More than being a part of a Kamal’s film, it gives more pleasure to spend some quality time with the greatest actor on earth. Every time I see him, it is so inspirational and I learn something new. Thoongavanam is one of the most professional teams I have ever worked with. Everything was neatly planned and the shoot was like filming a rehearsed stage play. I am so thankful to Kamal sir and the team to have provided me with another chance to learn cinema”.


Trisha dressed in a designer saree started off by saying, “When actors dream of sharing just the screen space with Kamal sir, this is my second film with the legend. I am the luckiest and I always want to be. This is my 50th film and I've never done such an iconic role. It's a complete contrast to all of my previous roles and I mean it. This film will be a whole new experience. Wait for us to come to you”.


Known as Nandu Jagan, the TV personality with many films to his credit has played a role in Thoongavanam and when he was called to talk about it, this is how he started. “I am yet another die-hard Kamal fan and I have grown up watching his films. During school, I used to bunk classes to watch his films. I did the same during my college days too. So, for me being an irregular student, credits go to Ulaganayagan. I had dreamt of meeting him for real, now I have acted with him in a film. I am overwhelmed and deeply honored. Director Rajesh asked me if I could do this small role. I had no second thoughts and straightaway agreed. Make sure you don't blink your eyes while watching the film, you might miss me. Thanks once again for this lifetime opportunity”.   


Yugi Sethu brought in the maximum laughter and these were the excerpts. “The day I entered the set, Kamal sir invited me onto the floor by calling me as Lord Rama. I was initially confused and later I realized that it has almost been 14 years since Panchathanthiram happened. Kamal belongs to that cadre of human beings. He is a mastermind and he knows everything. When I acted in Ramana, I was flooded with police officer roles. Kamal sir made me act as a small time crook in Anbe Sivam. Then all that came to me were such kind of roles. When Kamal sir is almost doing 3 to four films in a year, I avoided close to 100 odd films in the past 14 years. Today's audiences are restless. We need to make films that have to be like a skirt. Long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to arouse curiosity. Thoongavanam is one such film. It will be a new-age, family-thriller. I have played the role of a man who uses foul language to even communicate. Thanks to Kamal sir for bringing me again to silver screen”.


Director Rajesh M Selva was asked to give away a speech and this is what he said, “Whenever I used to cross Eldams road, I used to pray looking at Kamal sir's office like when you cross a temple. Just like you all, I'm his ardent fan and I love him to death. This film was an easy task to be done with. Kamal sir has almost got eight more bounded scripts and we can go shoot it all tomorrow. I don't know if I'll direct him again, but I'll always be part of Rajkamal Films. I might be the line producer, an assistant director or I might call the shots also, but the day when Kamal sir told me that I would direct his next film, that moment was enough to justify my existence. Prakash Raj was the easiest to direct and Kishore was also a delight to deal with. I've known Trisha since childhood and I'm a huge fan of her. Every single look that you see of her in the film was designed by Gautami, so my thanks to her. Please support us and we are coming to you with a brilliant film”. 


When the event had such interesting talks from many talented people, Kamal was finally called to give a closure and surprisingly it was one of the shortest speeches he ever gave and it was nothing but thanking everybody for such cooperation and support in bringing out a nice film.                    



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