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On his birthday, Kamal and Vishwaroopam go LIVE!

There was a celebratory mood outside Sathyam Cinemas, Chennai as the roads leading to the theatre were laced with posters carrying birthday greetings. Inside the complex there was a sense of anticipation as the occasion demanded it. The hall had two striking new posters of Vishwaroopam which showed a still of Kamal in the backdrop of both the Indian and U.S flags.

With the sound of a huge cheer one could guess that the birthday boy, Kamal Haasan had entered the building. He arrived before the press looking sharp yet casual in a white jacket over a black shirt. After a ripple of applause and scattered birthday wishes, he began addressing the media.

Kamal reiterated the reasons for the audio launch being postponed to another date but said he did not want to disappoint the fans as they eagerly awaited the 7th of November for a fresh dose of Vishwaroopam. In light of that fact, Kamal revealed that he would use the occasion to launch a brand new trailer of the film that was prepared in the much talked about Auro 3D template.

In what would be a first for him, and possibly for Tamil cinema too, the entire event was reportedly being streamed LIVE online for a wider audience located across many cities. The trailer too was simultaneously screened online. Before the new trailer would be revealed, the earlier version was to be shown to emphasize the difference in sound effects between the 5.1 surround which was used in the first trailer and the Auro 3D effect used in the new one.

The new trailer opened to some new dialogues, never before seen visuals and a completely new viewing experience added by the Auro 3D effects. The sound was not just louder, but was delivered with a purpose of engaging the audience and literally drawing them into the movie’s environment. It would be fair to say that Kamal is taking leaps in both movie-making as well as movie-viewing technology in India.

Talking about the technology of Auro 3D, Kamal explained that the technology allowed filmmakers to immerse their audience into the sounds of the cinema. Without being restricted to just sounds from the sides of a movie hall Auro 3D utilized something central called the ‘voice of God’, Kamal said this and quickly realized the irony in his statement. He thanked the management of Sathyam Cinemas for installing the technology at a short notice and he was hopeful that at least 30 theaters across Tamil Nadu and Kerala would subscribe to the same technology in time for his magnum opus Vishwaroopam.

Later Kamal fielded questions from the press regarding his upcoming film. While responding to a query on the release date, he said that there is still some work going on in the Hindi version and since they plan to release over 3000 prints of the film it is bound to take some time. He also clarified questions on whether this film is pro or anti Islam by saying that it is pro-humanity like his own personality. He also mentioned that the film will definitely make a statement on terrorism but is not sure whether it will provide a solution. He also quietly announced that there are some plans of taking Vishwaroopam to Hollywood but it is uncertain at this stage.

Speaking on his future projects, especially the one with producer Barrie Osborne, Kamal said that he will be working on a script he had already written before and the process will start only after Vishwaroopam’s release.

The brief and crisp event came to an end as Kamal parted with the press to engage with his fans that were seated patiently in a neighboring hall to greet him on his 58th birthday today.

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