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"I felt like killing Ameer at times..."

At the press meet of Aadhi Bhagavan, that was held last evening at Prasad Labs, Chennai, the cast and crew of the film comprising Jayam Ravi, Neetu Chandra, director Ameer, producer Anbazhagan and cinematographer Devaraj were present. The event kicked off with an interesting audio-visual presentation which introduced all the prominent players of Aadhi Bhagavan. The A-V invoked a feeling of nostalgia among the audience and was well-cut.

Producer Anbazhagan said that even though there has been a long delay, Aadhi Bhagavan would be a quality product. He was the one who demanded a commercial and colorful film from Ameer, who is known for his realistic and dark films. He vouched that Ravi would be the new No.1 hero post the release and also said that a song was shot in Canada by Ameer and team coinciding with the audio launch event which was held in Toronto in a grand manner. The Toronto audio launch was envisioned to give the film a grander feel and better business prospects, the producer said.

Lyricist Arivumadhi recalled his experiences with Ameer and Bala since their early days in cinema as lanky youngsters. The ace lyricist is back to lyric writing after six years. Lyricist Snehan was glad at being a part of Ameer's journey since the days of Mounam Pesiyadhe. A commercial club song that he has written for this movie has turned out to be meaningful as well thanks to Ameer's quest for doing things differently.

Neetu Chandra claimed that this was the best production she has worked in and it has been a big life changing experience for her. She was impressed with Ravi for being a good combination of chocolate boy and macho action hero.

Jayam Ravi, in a very frank speech, said that it will take him two full years to talk about all the experiences that he had while shooting Aadhi Bhagavan. He even felt like killing Ameer at times due to the grueling stunts and schedules. At other times, he felt like hugging his director wholeheartedly. Such were the myriad experience that the handsome actor had. In particular, Ravi pointed out an extended schedule in Bangkok when the crew worked for 12 days and 12 nights without any sleep.

Ameer asked the press not to imagine and expect too much from this commercial entertainer. He always wished to make such a film as he grew up watching such films. He hoped that his producer would be satisfied at the movie's outcome for all the patience that he has shown. Ravi was a proud man when Ameer said that he would be the only hero that Ameer would repeat for another film without any hesitation. About the 'angry young man' image that he has, Ameer said that he is from an intense and serious school of film making and that he doesn't know to work in any other way. He seriously said that he doesn't mind shooting Aadhi Bhagavan for another year too as he doesn't have any targets to chase.

In the end, Ameer appealed to the media to not slot him as just a serious director and that he wished to be someone like Steven Spielberg who traverses various styles of movies.

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