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Director Ashwin Saravanan took to Facebook to express his views on Karthik Subbaraj's Mercury. The Maya and Iravaakaalam director had posted that:

Ashwin Saravanan's review of Mercury


The best thing about Karthik Subbaraj’s ‘Mercury’ is the fact that it tries to respect the genre conventions of a thriller as much as it tries to outgrow them towards the end.

When was the last time you saw a well-made thriller in Tamil cinema with such assuredness in craft and freshness in perspective?

The film is an eloquent speech from a team that understands film language to a fault. Mr. Prabhudeva’s restrained performance and mastery over his own body is an absolutely treat to watch on screen. The best villains are the ones whom you fear as much as you understand them. The humanity in his dead eyes towards the end is a story by itself.

The fresh actors consisting of Sanath, Deepak , Indhuja and two others have added immense credibility to the parts they played. The sound design and sound mix are sublime.

It’s hard to understand some of the negative reviews up north. Forget the ‘silent’ tag and go with an open mind. You will come out with the high of an unique experience.

Mercury also has Karthik Subbaraj’s most understated and abstract ending. It’s something that is very difficult to pull off. I love the film for not succumbing to the cliffhangers and the false endings associated with the genre.

I read somewhere that the film appeals more to the head than the heart.

I respectfully and wholeheartedly disagree."

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