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When will Muni 3 Release?

When is Muni 3 releasing?

Jan 05, 2015

Director/Actor Raghava Lawrence is back with part-3 of the successful franchise, Muni, titled Ganga. As reported earlier, this movie is in its final phase of production with the talkie portions fully completed.


A couple of songs are left to be canned. The songs are expected to be shot at indoor sets. Muni team is currently working full-fledged on the CG work and the movie is expected to be wrapped up by the end of this month, the January 2015.


The movie can hit the screens even in the month of February but the makers are playing it safe and are waiting for the biggies to release first. Muni 3 can be expected to release in the month of March or April as a summer treat for the horror-thriller fans. 


When will Muni 3 Release?

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