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Simbu's mom Usha Rajendher speaks on beep song issue

The beep song controversy is getting hotter with reports saying that the police are on Simbu’s trail and that he has gone underground. The latest addition to this subject is Simbu’s mom Usha Rajendher, a former actress herself, who has come out and spoken to a TV channel about the issue. Excerpts from the same:


“My son Simbu, in his spare time at home, had composed a song which sadly has been stolen by someone and leaked. We have lodged a complaint to find out who had done this. The song was never meant for any film. If it had hurt women folks, our family apologizes to the same.


There are vested interests in the industry that are against my son and his growth. He is being cornered for no fault of his.


When we have graver issues in the aftermath of Chennai floods, please go and help the needy and stop focusing on an unreleased and a discorded song. There are so many out there who have lost everything in life. Please help them rehab.


As a mom, it is heart breaking to hear people say that Simbu has to be hanged. What crime has he committed to receive such a wrath? Has he spoken anything derogatory in a public platform? He has composed a song in the confines of his home. If we don’t have freedom and liberty in our own house, then where can we go?


Ever since this issue came up, we are having a battalion of media people in front of our house which had completely affected our privacy and disturbed our day today life. How can our women folk move about freely? I am not able to come out and draw kolam in front of my house. We have lost all our freedom. We are being agonized mentally. If we don’t have freedom in our own house, why should we stay in this state? We might have to probably go to our neighboring state but we will always be thankful to the people of Tamil Nadu.


We don’t have any great issue that Simbu has to hide. He will not leave Tamil Nadu. If necessary, I will hand over him to the police”. 


Simbu's mom Usha Rajendher speaks on beep song issue

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