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Simbu - Anirudh's Beep Song creates a storm
Simbu - Anirudh's leaked 'Beep Song' is in the middle of a big storm and there are reports that the duo may be forced to face legal action too. We had a word with a source close to Simbu on all this furor and this is what he had to say,
"The song has received highly mixed responses. It was done as part of a jamming session by STR and Anirudh about 2 years back and was strictly supposed to be among friends only. The trouble has started as some notorious person has leaked it out and it has spread like wildfire through WhatsApp and social media.
This isn't an official song part of an album or a film and is just a private fun song done between friends. Cuss words are part and parcel of everyday life when friends talk among themselves and that's exactly the case in this song too, where we haven't demeaned women in anyway as claimed by many.
There is far more explicit content coming in films and songs, whereas this wasn't even an official song worth reviewing and discussion. All this trouble following the leak is needless malignment of STR who is always under attack. He is already under duress and this untimely, senseless leak makes it worser, that too when the state is just recovering from floods."


Simbu - Anirudh's Beep Song creates a storm

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