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Vijay, Soori, Mahat and Director Neason speak at the success meet of Jilla

''I am moved by my fans'' - Ilayathalapathy Vijay

Jan 13, 2014

A success meet for Jilla took place this morning (13 January 2014) at the Residency Towers, Chennai. Ilayathalapathy Vijay, Director Neason, Producer R.B Choudary, Imman, Mahat, Soori and the distributors took part in the event, in which the participants exchanged gratitude towards each other.

Director Neason

Firstly I would like to thank Vijay to have accepted my script and acted in it. When I went to Choudary sir’s office first, I noticed his picture that had him smiling. But for the past one year I haven’t seen him smiling even once. It is good to see him happy now and I am glad to see him smile. I would also like to thank Mohanlal, who has been a big strength to us.


I guess I am the only one on the stage to be dressed informally. The reason I am wearing this round neck t-shirt is because Vijay anna looks younger than me and this is an attempt to look younger (laughs). I would like to thank Neason sir for giving me this opportunity. He called me on my birthday and offered me this role. I was scared whether Vijay anna would be okay with me acting as his brother, but I am happy to see him simple and down to earth.


I am happy to be a part of a successful movie. I did a very small character with Vijay sir in Velayudham and I am very thankful to Neason sir to have given me a full length role with him in this movie. Vijay sir is good in comedy. Whenever we have a scene together we add inputs to enhance the scene. Vijay sir was so down to earth that he readily took my suggestions. He also gave his own suggestions and made sure that he asked if I was comfortable in taking up the idea.


I am extremely thankful to you all to have accepted my music and made it a hit. I would like to thank Neason sir for giving me the right inputs and also giving me enough freedom to work. I would like to work with Vijay sir again, I hope Vijay sir wishes the same too.

R.B Choudary

When it comes to making a movie with an actor like Vijay, we can’t think of an art film or a family subject. The movie has to satisfy the fans – and to satisfy them the movie has to be a commercial. I am glad that this movie has been accepted by the people. Mohanlal says that the movie has more welcome than some of his Malayalam movies. Earlier Mohanlal and I had a little misunderstanding when we made Aran, as I did not use his voice for dubbing. But I have cleared all the misunderstanding with Jilla. I congratulate Neason to have given a commercial success.


First of all, I would like to thank my fans who have been a great support to me. You people have woken up early in the morning to watch 4 AM and 5 AM shows. Some of my friends took video clippings of how the fans have celebrated the movie inside the theaters and I am moved by the response. I usually don’t go for success meets, but I have come to this event mainly to thank my fans.

Soori spoke about myself giving and taking suggestions. It is because I was very comfortable working with him. I thank Imman for giving us some real good music. Imman asked if we can work together again – I would be very happy to work with him again.


Vijay, Soori, Mahat and Director Neason speak at the success meet of Jilla

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