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Actor Soori aka Parotta Soori took part in the Pandiya Nadu aka Pandiyanadu audio launch and shared

''Vishal and I took Bharathiraja in a stretcher'', Soori

Oct 13, 2013

The Pandianadu audio launch happened this morning, at the Satyam Cinemas premises. Many directors, actors and producers in the film fraternity have taken part in the event and dropped their wishes for the team. Actor Parotta Soori has taken part in the event too and shared an interesting experience that he had with Bharathiraja who has also acted in this movie.

In the initial stages of my career, I used to go to Bharathiraja’s office regularly along with my friend, looking for an opportunity to act. Every time I went, I was sent out and was not allowed to meet Bharathiraja sir. After constant failures, I happened to speak to a laundry person nearby. The laundry person told me there is no point in trying to meet Bharathiraja dressed in pant. He asked me to dress up in a veshti as he films village subjects only.

I went there the next day in a veshti and noticed that there were a few others too dressed up in veshti. The people there welcomed me and asked me to wait. It was later that I learnt that some local vendor dressed in similar clothes walked in and stole a car tyre the previous day. The veshti clad people who were present there were wheedled into the house for an investigation.

Suddenly a few people came in and started man handling us. I was confused. I ran and tried to hide, but in vain. Later, people at the office realized that my friend and I had come looking for an opportunity to act and apologized to us. I did not go there after that.

But I am extremely happy to have acted with Bharathiraja sir in Pandianadu. There was a scene where Vishal and I take him in a stretcher. I touched his feet and took his blessings while acting in that scene. I am very happy for what I am today.”


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Actor Soori aka Parotta Soori took part in the Pandiya Nadu aka Pandiyanadu audio launch and shared

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