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Ramesh Vinayagam responds to the positive reception of Ramanujan's soundtrack

Ramesh Vinayagam sets the tone for Ramanujan

Jul 05, 2014

Director Gnana Rajasekaran’s latest biopic Ramanujan has its stage well set prior to its release this coming week, July 11th. Ramesh Vinayagam’s carefully constructed music has set the tone of the film as a period drama that crosses over into international shores.

Responding to the positive reception of the album composer Ramesh Vinayagam says “I am totally amazed and feel humbled by the kind and quality of response that my music has received from all over. All of them without exception are talking about this music as Soul stirring, elevating, heartwarming, ethereal, and eternal and so on. Words synonymous to these keep finding their way to most the responses. I am actually flabbergasted. I would lie if I say that I expected such amazing positive responses though there will always be a fine balance between expectation and the sense of the unknown when you go through the whole process of making a song. While I have had the good fortune of being appreciated for my good songs, my songs seem to live even after many years. I feel this has turned out to be something that's even more special as it seems to percolate into the hearts of people. That’s totally unexpected. I am bound to thank many- right from my director, producers and all the musicians in India and Germany, singers and the songsters. Not to forget my Sound engineer. For an idea to culminate into its conceived and complete dimension there are many players whose roles are indispensable!”

The producers Camphor Cinemas add "We're enthralled by the tremendously positive response the music of 'Ramanujan' has gotten. It's no easy task to create music for a period film - keeping true to the age, at the same time, composing music that would attract a modern audience - and Music Director Ramesh Vinayagam has achieved it with panache. The songs and the background music enhance the beauty of the film, and we assure that the music and the movie would transport the modern-day audience to a hundred years back in time!"


Ramesh Vinayagam responds to the positive reception of Ramanujan's soundtrack

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