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Prabhu Ganesan is celebrating already ...

Prabhu Ganesan is celebrating already

Dec 31, 2014

An actor who falls in the bloodline of a legendary performer, an actor who learnt acting traditionally and an actor who broke the monotony by looking chubby, Prabhu is celebrating his 58th birthday today, a day ahead of the New Year.


Prabhu has contributed a lot to the Tamil film industry. An actor-producer, he started his career in 1981 with the film Sangili. Post this film he gave notable performances in movies like S.P.Muthuraman's Guru Sishyan in 1988, Mani Ratnam's Agni Nakshatram with Karthik in 1988 and P. Vasu's family drama En Thangachi Padichava in 1988.

Till date, be it his acting abilities, dancing skills or dialogue delivery and romantic connect with co-star, this actor has made his presence felt by leaving a mark in each of his films. He has 'Vijay 58' and many more films coming ahead in the new year.

We wish him a very happy birthday. The celebrations in the Prabhu household must have begun already ...


Prabhu Ganesan is celebrating already ...

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