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Kamal's Uthama Villain promises a lot of intrigue and excitement

What is Uthama Villain going to be about?

Mar 03, 2014

The first look poster and a thirty nine second teaser of Kamal Haasan’s Uthama Villain was recently out and became the talk of the town. The film to be directed by Ramesh Arvind with dialogues of Crazy Mohan goes on floors today, the 3rdof March 2014.


Looking at the poster design and the title arrangement, one can’t miss its artistic flavor. Delving just a little, the colorful mask and the musical beats in the teaser point towards some kind of curtain raiser for a session on performing arts.


Added to that, the way in which the two words ‘Uthama’ and ‘Villain’ are set in the title card is interesting, especially ‘Uthama' which looks like the villu (bow) of villupaattu, a traditional story telling form prevalent in Tamil Nadu and Kerala which is on its way to extinction. The ‘Uthama’ villu is quite artistically decorated with equally spaced out bells.


Observing and speculating on these, the plot of the story perhaps deals about performing traditional art forms and Kamal may be the key note player in this.


Meanwhile there was another poster from Uthama Villain in which Kamal, dressed contemporarily, apparently performing on the stage tries to hold a child’s hand which is being extended by a lady from the audience while his other hand is on a camera. There are quite a number of hands seemingly in an applauding motion.


This might again indicate that Kamal is some kind of a performing artist on stage that is being lauded by audience.


When you think about the title, it also suggests that Kamal may be playing an antagonist in his stage appearances but is actually the ‘good’ man in real life which justifies the title.


Whatever it is, the film has whipped up an intense storm and audiences are just waiting to get soaked in Kamal’s magic.


Kamal's Uthama Villain promises a lot of intrigue and excitement

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