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Kamal Haasan's response to allegations about Uthama Villain

Kamal Haasan hits back at allegations about Uthama Villain's first look

Mar 12, 2014

Kamal Haasan's Uthama Villain had its first look posters and a teaser revealed some days back, and though a majority of the public were in awe of what they saw and were totally bowled over by the creativity and idea behind the posters, a section of people alleged that this poster may have been inspired by one of acclaimed French photographer Eric Lafforgue's work.

Kamal responded to such allegations in a matter of fact manner on the sidelines of a big media conference in Mumbai.
"Theyyam is more than a 1,000-year-old art. The make-up was done by a good artist, who is probably a third generation practitioner of this art. The lighting might have been similar. It is like saying two lovers - one leaning on another's chest looking in the same direction is a copy of the 'Ek Duje Ke Liye' poster."
Kamal further explained the idea behind the look
"My film has a Theyyam dance fusion with Tamil Nadu' s Kooththu tradition."
And what we actually see in the first look poster is not a mask but Kamal's own painted face.
"That is not a mask. It is painted on my face. It took 4 hours to paint my face. It is a tradition passed on from many generations."
Kamal has already got the public's attention with just his first look materials, and what he has in store in the movie would be watched with keen interest.


Kamal Haasan's response to allegations about Uthama Villain

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