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Aram Sei and Sanhiti present, Maayajaal September 20 & 21, Woodside

Aram Sei and Sanhiti present 'Maayajaal'

Aug 22, 2014
SANHITI (Sanhiti.org) is a bay area dance group founded in 2004 with the primary goal of promoting South Indian dance culture, while raising funds for several non-profit organizations. A completely volunteer driven organization since its inception, Sanhiti has proudly partnered with several Non Profit Organizations (NPO) like AID, Asha, Udavum Karangal, Aram Sei etc and raised a significant amount, $500,000.00 in support of the underprivileged. The organization has made a mark within the South Indian diaspora for the quality of its productions and the causes they serve. 
Aptly meant confluence in Sanskrit, Sanhiti is popular for its innovative presentations of a variety of global dance styles set to South Indian music. Validation of this popularity comes through with the selection and performance of Sanhiti at the 2009 San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, Bay Area Discovery Museum's World On Stage programs (2010, 2011), a flash mob for Chennai Super Kings, and various Bay Area invited guest performances.
It is a milestone year for Sanhiti as it is gearing up to present its 10th Annual Dance Production, "Maayajaal". Sanhiti is known for its massive true to life sets, completely designed and built by its in-house production crew, and mind boggling visual and special effects, all executed to perfection. 
Maayajaal will be no exception! Maayajaal, a time and place where nothing is as it seems - illusions misguide you, time alludes you, tunes bewitch you and imaginary worlds come to life! So roll your dice, map your marvels and be there “when adventure beckons" at Sanhiti’s "Maayajaal"! 
Maayajaal is the culmination of the efforts of over 100 volunteers working for 20,000 hours over 6 months to create, conceptualize, produce and perform to enthrall an audience of 1500!
This event is a fundraiser for Aram Sei (Aramsei.org:” have a desire to help”),  a registered 501 ( c ) (3) non profit organization whose primary mission is to raise funds for grassroots charities worldwide in Education and Healthcare.  Since their inception in January of 2012, Sanhiti has partnered with them in an effort to raise funds for their cause through annual productions!   Sanhiti takes pride in knowing that they have played a significant role in Aram Sei’s fundraising efforts.
Please be there to witness a one of a kind production on September 20th & 21st, at Woodside Performing Arts Center, Woodside CA. 
Maayajaal, when adventure beckons, www.mj14.com


Aram Sei and Sanhiti present, Maayajaal September 20 & 21, Woodside

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