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to raise funds for Aram Sei at California

Illayaragam's 7, a musical celebraSeven, to raise funds for Aram Sei at California

Oct 30, 2013

Music has the power to heal the world and has the ability to unite people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We, at Aram Sei, are fortunate to be chosen as one of the beneficiaries for Illayaragam’s 7, a musical program to be performed at the Chabot College, Hayward CA, on Saturday, 2 Nov 2013.

This program will showcase top notch musical talent from the San Francisco Bay Area and will involve live background music in addition to the vocals from popular Tamil songs.

Illayaragam has been performing since 2009 and the objective of their events has always been to support philanthropic organizations like Aarm Sei. The talented volunteers of Illayaragam put in hours of extensive practice sessions and planning for their yearly shows and then donate all the proceeds from the show related sponsorships, tickets and donations to a social cause.Through this show, Aram Sei will be raising funds for two new projects – Vanavil and Pudiyador.

Vanavil aims to support the children, primarily from the nomadic tribes of South India, through a residential school in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. This school provides education and a better life for about 140 children who are born into acute poverty. Vanavil’s mission is to educate the children, provide livelihood and empower nomadic communities.

Pudiyador runs three centers in Chennai, India,  that offer about 120 underprivileged children a safe, interactive, fun and hands-on learning environment. These centers are run by volunteers from the local community and deliver nutritious meals and healthcare support in addition to after-school education.

Aram Sei has already hit the ground running in its quest to raise funds for these projects, thanks to the generous and continued support from Madras Café & Groceries and K2SAT. We hope Illayaragam’s 7, a musical celebraSeven, will not only provide a great opportunity to listen to fantastic Tamil music but also help Aram Sei make a difference to the children of Vanavil and Pudiyador.

To buy tickets for 7, please visit www.aramsei.org


to raise funds for Aram Sei at California

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