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Aaha Kalyanam has been censored

Rich music and Rich visuals - Aaha Kalyanam is ready

Feb 09, 2014
Yash Raj films are gearing up to release their maiden Tamil film Aaha Kalyanam with U/A certification. With the music hitting the top of the charts, the music director Dharan Kumar is very excited.
"This film will mark the turn of events for me, until now I have not listened to the original Hindi songs and was apprehensive about being carried away with the original soundtrack. The director Gokul was very particular on the Tamil flavor in the songs, and lyric writers Madhan Karky and Thamarai rose up to the occasion and delivered some of the best lyrics in recent times. The chaste Tamil used in the romantic melodies will kindle the emotions and passion among romantic people and might turn to be the anthem of all lovers.

Twin joy is that the theme songs and almost all the songs start with twin words - Bon Bon, Kadha Kadha, Thala Thala, Kootali Kootali and so on - a rare occurrence this. Honey song is turning to be the favorite of one and all, and it speaks about the intimacy and bonding between the lovers. It was amazing to see the richness of music matching with the richness in the visuals. We are in for the most colourful movie of the year"
says the young music director in an upbeat mood and with confidence.


Aaha Kalyanam has been censored

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