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Aadhi starts his new organization, Lets Bridge

Kamal, Suriya and now, young Aadhi

Apr 15, 2014

Being celebrities it is also their responsibility to inspire their fans. Following the footsteps of actors like Kamal Haasan, Suriya, Trisha, Samantha and many others, actor Aadhi has also started his own organization- ‘Lets Bridge’.

“As a team, we plan to be on the streets spreading awareness about various issues that needs our attention. By doing so, we as a team believe we can bridge towards a better tomorrow”, said the official statement of Lets Bridge.

As their first project, the team is planning a stamp campaign to create awareness about the importance of voting. “An innovative campaign targeted at the people who are eligible to vote - by the people who still haven't reached the age limit to vote. Yes, we are talking about Children. This campaign is targeted at locations where people gather en masse like shopping malls, beaches, railway stations, etc. Children under the voting age are given ink stamps and these children walk to a complete stranger in the above locations, ask their permission to look into their future and then stamp our Bridge's seal on the back of their hands that reads 'OUR FUTURE IN YOUR HANDS - VOTE RESPONSIBLY',” said the statement.

Elaborating on their cause the team says, “Pictures and videos of our stamp campaign will be collaged into a video and uploaded in social networks and media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Bridge is also coming up with a Tamil song which will be shot extensively during the campaign on the awareness of responsible voting and will be launched in Television Channels and Social Media and Networks which will go viral over the internet and households thus helping millions all over the country understand the value of their votes.

Bridge also intends on a celebrity talk campaign for the videos on responsible voting awareness."



Aadhi starts his new organization, Lets Bridge

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