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Tamannah reveals her secret

Jun 22, 2013

Smile, she says, is the secret of her beauty. With the pressure to be always presentable, one would think that the beautiful people of the cinema hold many ways to guard their good looks closely. Contrary to popular belief our beloved stars do not bury themselves in expensive creams and portions.

One such example is Tamannah, who dissuades the use of expensive creams and instead favors natural remedies. After a tiresome day in the sun, all Tamannah does to rejuvenate herself is to wash with cold water in order to cleanse her skin and apply a mixture of Besan powder to remove tan lines. This isn’t her only secret though, as she adds that being happy and content plays a vital role in staying beautiful. Laughter in her opinion is directly proportional to loveliness.

She also recommends careful consideration in choosing what we intake, as she says what we consume has a direct effect on how we appear. Tamannah recommends the increase of vegetarian food and suggests the reduction of non vegetarian delicacies. Tamannah swears that following these simple steps is the reason for the famous glow that she is known for. Simple isn’t it? 



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