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If Kamal leaves, we must follow him too - Dhanush

Jan 31, 2013

In an interview with a leading television channel, Dhanush and Aishwarya Dhanush spoke their mind on the current controversies surrounding Vishwaroopam. Both agree that it is unfair for Kamal to be treated like this.


“I have grown up watching his films and his hard ships. His films must be shown to people”, began Aishwarya. Dhanush complimented saying, “If we cannot celebrate him, we should at least not do this to him.” About Kamal’s emotional speech yesterday, Dhanush says that his heart bled when he heard Kamal speak thus.

Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth have grown in the industry together and share a very special relationship. Seeing Kamal go through all this trouble is disturbing for Rajini, claims Aishwarya. “They both share a very strong bond, and I cannot really comment on it. But I can see the concern he (Rajini) has towards the issue that’s happening. As a friend he is very worried for Kamal and concerned that Kamal should get the justice he deserves.”

Dhanush was also disturbed about raising religious issues against a film. “What religion does art belong to? It has no religion,” he stormed. He claims it angered him more when the issue was directed towards Kamal. “We should all have known him well by now. He can never hurt others,” he voiced.

But even at the background of so many controversies, Dhanush is amazed at the people’s support for Kamal. Dhanush narrates, “There was this vendor who was selling a pirated copy of Vishwaroopam. But the best part was that none of his customers bought it. That shows people’s respect for Kamal”

The couple was thrown the question- ‘What will be your reaction if the film is not released and Kamal does leave the country?’

“If it really happens, that will bring to light how pathetic we have all become,” started Aishwarya. Looking at the larger truth, Vishwaroopam is just a film and good cinema must always be shown to people, she added. “Every film has the right to be shown,” she pointed out, being a director herself.

Dhanush’s reply was more emotional. The versatile actor suggested that everyone must go behind Kamal if he decides to leave the state or the country. “There is no need for using big words like ‘law and order crisis’. It’s just a film, it is meant to entertain and it will do just that,” finished Dhanush.

They both opined that Kamal deserves some peace after going through so much pressure.



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