Yaaruda Mahesh Review by Common Man

Yaaruda Mahesh Review by Common Man

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Trailer of this movie was well received by the youngsters and went on viral. Trailer reached 3 Lakhs views within 4 days as it is was an ADULT COMEDY GENRE Movie, which we have not seen in Tamil Cinema for a long time. RJ Balaji voice was yet another major reason for the huge success of the trailer.  Kurumbu was the only Adult based comedy movie which marked the debut of Vishnuvardhan in 2003. 

Yaaruda Mahesh is a NAUGHTY FILM for the Youth, by the Youth. It is certified as “A”. Kudos to the team for releasing the Movie with “A” Certificate. This movie will receive mixed response because of the Genre. Few people may complain that there is overdose of double meaning dialogues in the movie. It doesn’t make sense when you go for a Ghost Movie and complain that it haunts you. This movie is marketed as ADULT COMEDY Movie and you can’t expect Godly Scenes or Scenes which will make you cry.

Story: “Yaaruda Mahesh”- Anyone can judge the story of the movie from the title itself. The movie is about Sundeep searching for a character named Mahesh throughout the second half of the movie. What about the First Half? Non – Stop Adult Comedy dialogues without any story. Even the Title Credits starts with double meaning dialogues.

Sundeep worked as an assistant director to Gautham Menon for “Vaaranam Aayiram”, before making his acting debut in Telugu Cinema. He had also acted in Hindi Movie titled “ Shor in the City” which was well appreciated by the Critics. Though he had acted in “Maranthen Mannithen” (bilingual movie), Yaaruda Mahesh will be his first direct Tamil Movie. He had done a decent job in the movie.

Dimple Chopade had done the leading actress role in the movie. She doesn’t look too beautiful or homely, but she looks glamorous which is much more sufficient for this movie. She has to improve on her expressions to stay in the industry.

Jagan is almost the second hero of the movie. Even Sundeep has only one lover in the movie, but he has two (lover in the first half & Archana Harish in the second half as wife). He is the huge reason for engaging the audience in the movie. He had hosted a show in Vijay TV few years back reviewing movies with double meaning dialogues. In this movie, whatever he speaks is double meaning dialogue only. After Ayan, this is the best movie in his career. Definitely, he will get more offers in Tamil Cinema for Comedy roles.

Swaminathan (Lollu Sabha fame) had done an excellent job in the first half. His expression and dialogue delivery were absolutely brilliant. People who like Lollu Sabha will love the first half of the movie without any doubt.  Venkat Sundar Medicine Comedy & Livingston’s DVD Comedy scenes too were good.

Cinematography by Raana was Awesome. Each and every scene in the movie looks great. BGM & Songs by Gopi Sundar was good, but the way, the songs were picturized was excellent. Pudhu Parvai song was picturized with wonderful locations.

Editor Sathyanarayan had done a decent job. Scenes in the second half will be connecting to the first half in the movie and it had been edited well. Scenes in the first half were jumping to some extent with lip synk issues (Thanks to Censor Board)

Director Madhan Kumar is Assistant Director for the movie “Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya”. He had done lots of Ads. He has to be definitely appreciated for choosing this Genre in Tamil Cinema. Few people in Tamil Nadu like S J Surya movies, but they will complain about S J Surya stating that his movies have double meaning dialogues. Producers too have to be appreciated for producing this movie, even after knowing it will get “A” Certificate. Only “U” Certificate movies get Tax exemption. But, they wanted to give a GENRE which is not common in Tamil Cinema and entertain the Youngsters who watch English / Hindi Movies with same genre.

Anyone who sees this movie will agree that Madhan Kumar is really talented and will hit big in the future. He has taken a simple story and has given a light – hearted adult comedy movie. He has given more importance to even wordings in the “T-Shirts”.  There is a scene in the movie in which Heroine loses virginity to the hero. In the next scene, she will be wearing a T-Shirt with wording “I am a VIRGIN. This is Old T- Shirt). Look for Hero T-Shirts in the interval block and climax scene for the wordings.

“Yaaruda Mahesh” song in the second half slows down the pace of the movie. It looks like a Promotional Song and misplaced in the movie. First half runs with full of double meaning comedy dialogues and will get over before you realize it. Compared to it, second half was little dragging. There are lots of scenes in the second half with different types of adult comedies which will receive different opinions. Mimicry by Robo Shankar & Vadivelu Baljai will be liked by few people and few may not like it. Climax in the movie too will have mixed response as it is quite unique.

Overall, it is “A” Certified Movie with Adult Comedy and Not Vulgar Scenes. As the certification suggests, this movie is not for everyone. Few may not like it, but people who like the movie will watch it yet again with their college friends.  
Rating of this movie by Common Man : 3 / 5 (Strictly for Youngsters who don’t mind about Double Meaning Dialogues or Story)
Sathish Kumar

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