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I've been a fan of Suriya for as long as I can remember. Be it his movies or his personal life, philanthropic activities or public presence, he has always managed to inspire me in a way no celebrity ever has, and no one else probably will. So what makes this particular star shine brighter than the rest for me?

With just about 33 films to his credit to date, Suriya has managed to carve his own niche within 19 years in the industry in his own unique way. He has treaded a path that is far removed from the normal star’s, balancing both commercial success and critical acclaim alike, and his success only goes on to bear testimony to the fact that he’s one of a kind.

Debuting in 1997 with Nerukku Ner, Saravanan was an awkward artist. As he himself stated on many occasions, he lacked the confidence that he would make it in this unsparing world of magical celluloid, but cut to a few years later, and you’ll see Suriya, striving to give his best to Tamil cinema with his remarkable choice of movies. The brooding ex-convict in Nandha, the silent, intense police officer in Kaakha Kaakha, the aggressive and dashing Michael from Aayutha Ezhuthu and the vengeful Sanjay Ramasamy in Ghajini are just a few of his early roles that helped establish his presence as both a talented, and a bankable young star. Ever since then, it has been a case of “He came, he saw, he conquered”-there’s no stopping this star and his relentless desire to perfect himself in everything he does.

He may not be the next Superstar- he’s simply Suriya, and guess what? He is content with it. The unique roles he keeps approving only attest his quest to conquer the unchartered territory in Tamil cinema, and his need to placate his creative urge not only helps bring out the best in him, it also ends up satiating his fans and well-wishers who always want something new from this extraordinarily persuasive performer. Hard work is no stranger to Suriya- take his movies like Perazhagan, Vaaranam Aayiram, 7aum Arivu, Maattrraan and the recent 24 for example, and you’ll see why people never think twice about calling him Nadippin Nayagan, the Aamir Khan of the South or even the next Kamal Haasan…all of which he has repeatedly refused to accept.

All this should be enough reasons to why he’s as popular as he is, of course, but there’s one other thing we simply cannot forget- his looks. Be it onscreen or off-screen, Suriya has always managed to look impeccably groomed, and the fact that he can pull off any look has worked wonders for the roles he chooses, and for the mind boggling number of women going gaga over him. He has always been the perfect youth icon and trendsetter, a fact his fans have always celebrated. Can you believe he’s turning 41 this year? Nor can I.

It is easy to strive to be the best at what you do, however, what’s even more challenging is to do it while holding on to your moral principles and personal values- but of course Suriya does it time and time again. This is very well-reflected in his selection of movies, with him declining any roles that go against what he holds important. He is also involved in numerous philanthropic activities, both through his Agaram foundation and elsewhere. Education, health, animal rights, social issues…the list is endless. Married to actress Jyothika after a relationship that spanned years with her, Suriya’s happy marriage has always been one of the most admired and maybe even envied. This star has always steered clear from controversies, be it anything regarding his personal or professional life.

All this, and the fact that he’s a model son, devoted husband, doting father, caring sibling and exemplary citizen make him a true role model in all aspects. Need I have any more reasons as to why such a wonderful person has always been a source of inspiration to me?

Here's wishing this brilliant actor and inimitable human being the best of everything…

Happy birthday, Suriya- may you always keep rising!


Ruzaika R
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