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Uriyadi-Movie Review

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Uriyadi,written,directed and produced by Vijay Kumar, is an earnest attempt that dissects the long burning issue of caste system prevalent in Tamil Nadu.


The film,woven crisply around a running time of 1.30 hours, hits the bull's eye right from the start, as each character portrays the common man and his search in venting out his anger on the society.  Particularly, the depiction of the hostel mates and the nearby dhaba,truly brings out the raw emotions of the characters, in a very bold manner. Kudos to the director, for such realistic cast selection!!!


Another notable feature is that,though the film is devoid of any commercial attractions or brand values,it hooks the audience throughout,as the gripping screenplay,coupled with a racy,adrenaline pumping BGM,just enhances the scene to a different plane.


The director treads on a very delicate path,dealing with a sensitive issue,in a subtle,yet very convincing manner,such that the story never deviates from it's core plot.The overdose of violence,at places,is gory.but,it is the storyline that demands such sequences,and the entire team has to be appreciated,for their whole hearted efforts.


Finally,Nalan kumarasy,who brought the distribution rights for this movie.has certainly provided the Tamil audience,with a definite winner.albeit the fact that,the initial openings were not as anticipated.But through encouraging reviews and positive word of mouth,the movie got re-released in many theatres across the state,enjoying widespread success!!


Uriyadi - A heartwarming change that Tamil Cinema Needed!!!!!

Karthik Ramalingam
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