Sarabham - Common Mans' Review

Sarabham - Common Mans' Review

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Story: It is about cat & mouse game between three characters - Naveen Chandra,  Salony & Aadukalam Naren.


Naveen Chandra - He made debut in Tamil Cinema as Sasikumar's friend in Bramman. He has improved a lot with his acting in this movie. His characterization was not framed as intelligently as the other 2 characters.


Salony Luthra - Producer CV Kumar mentioned that Salony's salary would be lesser than the money,  they spent for searching the heroine. She has got a meaty role in her first movie itself & has grabbed it with both hands


Aadukalam Naren - He has acted superbly as usual.


Editor Leo John Paul editing in the second half was too good.


BGM by Britto adds more value to the twists in the second half


Director Arun Mohan had tried his best to give an engaging thriller with limited locations & just 3 characters. He was given 30 days to complete the movie & he has completed it in 29 days. Second Half of the movie with good twists in the screenplay compensates for the very average first half.


Rating of this movie by Common Man - 2/5


Rating of this movie for thriller movie fans - 2.5/5


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