Review of Dilwale 2015

Review of Dilwale 2015

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Shah Rukh Khan is an actor without whose films the year seems incomplete. Usually we see his films during festivals like Diwali, but this time he came during Christmas with his action packed romantic film DILWALE, that once again proves that the combo of Rohit Shetty and Shah Rukh Khan is back to rule our hearts as well as the box office, as they did previous time with CHENNAI EXPRESS (2013).


Shah Rukh Khan dominates the film with his charming presence and powerful performance. Varun Dhawan too does a good role with justice. Kajol, who pairs with Shah Rukh once again after 5 years has a good role and she does well. The role of Kriti is similar to the one in HEROPANTI. Johny Lever entertains with his comedy. Varun Sharma with his coming of age comedy connects with everyone. Other actors too do their respective parts well.


The music is a major plus point, with the GERUA song being everyone's favourite, including me. The songs are filmed very well and the big scale of production is visible in each and every frame. Editing is razor sharp. There's no moment of boredom. The film is fit for family viewing despite a UA certificate since there's nothing vulgar in this film.


The action scenes of the film are mind blowing. VFX is brilliant. The Rohit Shetty trademark is once again visible in this film. The story and screenplay both are entertaining. But the biggest thing is that there is a proper dose of Masala. Neither do the emotions get overboard, nor does the comedy. One can easily say that this is a complete family entertainer that has everything in its favour.


On the whole, DILWALE is a colourful and beautiful entertainer that not just wins your hearts, but also proves that the year 2015 will not end easily, but with a firecracker that will keep exploding and sparkling for long. DILWALE is that firecracker. What else should I say, just go, watch it and enjoy!


Rating: 4/5

Prashast Singh

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