Pisaasu Visitor Review

Pisaasu Visitor Review

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In every frame of the movie, it follows director MYSSKIN's signature without any usual Tamil cinema template. The pace of the movie is perfect to sync with that horror theme and the soul of the script rightly strikes the chord with audience due to that pace.


Mysskin's narration connects the audience for the entire two hours and that makes you feel satisfied when the movie gets over. Mysskin manages to keep you glued to the seats with a well written writing and very crisp scenes. The movie is only 2 hours with only one song which comes naturally along with the movie,


Not too many characters in the movie yet you will not have the feeling of repetitiveness and the plot moves around two or three locations. The music and back ground score of Arrol Corelli creates the right impact for Mysskin's writing and he has made his debut movie a memorable one. Cinematography of Ravi Roy is classic and by using some imaginative camera angles he has created the horror tone in every frame and terrifies the screenplay further. Editor Gopinath joins hand with these people and has exactly presented the scenes without losing the soul of Mysskin's script.


I truly salute Mysskin for not compromising in his script for commercial compulsions; he makes you sit for two hours without any big attractions (cast, crew) and sends you back with satisfaction once you leave the movie. Some scenes may look like repeated, but you can slowly relate those scenes once you have travelled half the way through the movie. Mysskin has naturally made a ghost movie with humanity as his theme and succeeded very well. Climax and interval block deserve special mention.


Director Bala who is the producer of the movie- a big thanks to him for encouraging these attempts. If few scenes in the first half would have written in a different plane, then the soul of the script would have been enhanced further. My rating is 4/5 for a beautiful theme presented within a horror backdrop


Venkatesh Ramakrishnan

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