Open love letter to Asin

Open love letter to Asin

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Dear Asin,


The question that came to my mind when I decided to write a "love" letter to you is if it will make sense to you or not. I do not know if I'll be able to express through my words even a bit of what I feel. But it is always good to try, right? I love you in the least creepy way possible. No, I do not dream of marrying you now. I'm just a fan who loves you for the person you are. Love for me has always been something that makes you a better person and Ms Asin Thottumkal, you have made me a better person somewhere. I remember watching you for the first time in ads. Back then I didn't know your name. I went to Kerala for vacations and used to hear my cousins drool over some actress called Asin. I wanted to see what made them have a crush on you. They made me see Ghajini(tamil) and I was totally blown away by your acting. Only at that time I came to know that the girl I had seen in ads and loved is you, Asin. Love starts with a crush and boy, I had a big one on you (at that time I even wanted to marry you. Yeah I know it is silly and stupid to think that). I have been following your career since then have been always amazed by your looks and acting. But when I think of you, what comes to mind is a picture of a beautiful person and not just an actor. 


One day when I saw an ambulance passing, what I did is to pray for the person inside it. I had read somewhere that it is something you do. I have been doing the same since then. How many people in this world decide to help their parents in business at the age of 14, get into films and still decide to complete education, and remain so grounded? Only one name comes to my mind and that is yours. Asin, I'm sure you are an inspiration to many people like me. It is really amazing how you have given importance to education and never let success get into your head. Asin you are unique and special. Never lose your individuality. It is really amazing to see a person in the glamour world who is so simple and grounded. I thought Valentine's day is a perfect day to express my love for someone who have molded me into a better person. Asin,  as you read this, I fall in love with you even a bit more. Keep being simply Asin. I love you and I hope you know that by now.


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