Nangam Pirai Movie Review by Common Man:

Nangam Pirai Movie Review by Common Man:

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Nangam Pirai is not a bilingual movie. It is a Malayalam movie which is dubbed in Tamil. Around 7 movies got released today, but only Chandamama and Nangam Pirai 3D were known to people because of decent promotion. Tamil people likes Horror & 3D movie as there are not many movies released with this genre. When Tamil Movie is dubbed in other South Indian Languages, it runs well. Indeed, in Kerala, direct Tamil movies run more than Malayalam Movies. Kavalan is a REMAKE of “Body Guard – Malayalam movie” and even then, Kavalan was a HIT in Kerala. But, in Tamil Nadu, hardly a dubbed movie runs for more than 3 days. “Arundathi” is the only recent dubbed movie which did well. It was a Horror Movie too. Since, Nangam Pirai is 3D Horror Movie, it created little expectation in Tamil Nadu.

Story: Newly married couple Sudheer and Priya travels to Romania for their honeymoon trip, where the spirit of count Dracula sustained. On their visit to Bran Castle, Sudheer feels the presence of the evil spirit and in no time the devil surrounds the body of him. Then, Dracula (Sudheer) travels to Kerala to find his lady love Monal Gajjar and kills the people whoever opposes it.

Prabhu, Nassar & Thilakan are the known faces in the movie. All these 3 Characters are let down by the worst script you will ever see. Prabhu & Nassar look like a joker in the movie along with the Dracula (Sudheer). Monal & Sharaddha Das are the two female leads in the movie whose miniskirts, bikini tops act much more than them. There is lots of skin show in the movie and you may feel whether you have come for director Vinayan movie who had given us good films like Kaasi, Arupthua Theevu, etc.

Cinematography of the movie was quite average. 3D effects in the movie are the only saving grace. Movie was shot in 3D and hence there are more scenes which give us the effect. There are 2 songs in the movie in which even girls may go for a SMOKE. Music of the movie too was very average.

It is a LESSON TO PEOPLE ON HOW NOT TO TAKE A HORROR MOVIE. It will be one of the worst script & screenplay you will ever watch in your life. Director Vinayan is one of the reputed directors in Malayalam Cinema and it is really unbelievable to know that he can direct a movie like this after giving lots of blockbusters. 3D Horror movie is a rare genre in Tamil Cinema and with really good 3D Effects, Vinayan was not even able to give a movie which will engage the audience for 15 minutes.

Rating of this Movie by Common Man - 1 / 5 ( 1 is for 3D Effects)

Sathish Kumar
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