Naiyaandi Movie Review by Common Man

Naiyaandi Movie Review by Common Man

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Dhanush (National Award Winning actor) has chosen a comedy script after 3 consecutive movies (Mayakkam Enna, 3, Maryan) which gave him great platform to prove his acting, but commercially didn’t succeed at the Box Office. On the other hand, Director Sarkunam started his career with Kalavani, which almost started the comedy trend in Tamil Cinema. His last movie “Vaagai Sooda Vaa” got him National Award, but didn’t succeed at the Box Office. National Award Winning Actor & Director have joined together to give yet another light hearted Comedy to Tamil Cinema. Promotional Song of the movie “Teddy Bear” seems to be inspired from Neram Promotional Song and didn’t go viral. Even, the trailer of the movie failed to create expectation for the movie. 
Nazriya Nazim filed a case against Director mentioning that he has used body double for a scene in the trailer. It gave the much needed publicity for the movie, as any publicity is good publicity. Next day, she had a press meet mentioning that she saw the movie completely and she was happy with it. When she was questioned about the theater in which she saw the movie, she asked the producer about it and mentioned that she watched it in the same place (theater) in the morning. If she has really watched it in the same theater, then she should have answered it immediately. 
Controversies apart, Dhanush hasn’t satisfied the COMMON MAN for long time as his recent movies were AWARD WINNING MOVIES. Let us see whether Dhanush will satisfy the COMMON MAN in this review
Story: In the title credits, they mention that the movie was inspired from 1993 Malayalam Movie “Meleparambil Aanveedu”. So, anyone can guess the story is as old as 20 years. Dhanush & Sarkunam may have selected this script as it is a Comedy-oriented one. Though Sriman & Sathyan (around 40 years) are Dhanush’s elder brothers, they are not married. Dhanush (24 yrs) loves Nazriya and how he manages to get acceptance from his parents & elder brothers forms the rest of the story.
Dhanush – National Award Winning Actor is completely underutilized in this movie. Indeed, he doesn’t even have much screen presence in the second half. There is not even a single scene in the movie, in which he has scope to act. It is one of the weakest script in which Dhanush has acted in his career.
Nazriya Nazim – In her debut movie Neram & Raja Rani, she had limited screen presence and had performed well. In this movie, she gets opportunity to perform throughout the movie and she has done extremely well.
Sriman & Sathyan Comedy Scenes in the second half were quite better than the first half. Soori’s comedy timing works at some scenes.
Cinematographer Velraj has done a mediocre job in the movie. There is no use in going to a Foreign location and having close up shots of the actors.
Music Director Ghibran – Teddy Bear Song was quite good. But songs in the movie were not picturized properly.
Director Sarkunam – He must have worked much harder on the script and screenplay after getting Dhanush’s dates for his movie. Selecting a script, which was 20 years old was a huge mistake. If he has selected an old script, which was unique, then it would have been fine. But, selecting a script, which doesn’t have any story in it, was a mistake. First half of the movie will test the patience of even Dhanush’s fans. Second half of the movie was saved by Sriman & Sathyan’s comedy scenes and it too had worked only in few places.
Overall, National Award Winning Actor & Director had tried to give a light hearted comedy movie, which will satisfy only 25% of Comedy Movie Lovers.
First half – 1.5 / 5 , Second Half - 2 / 5 
Rating of this movie by Common Man – 1.75 / 5
Sathish Kumar

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