Naan Sigappu Manithan - Review

Naan Sigappu Manithan - Review

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Story: Vishal suffers from Narcolepsy (Sleeps without knowledge, when he becomes too emotional). First hour of the movie is based on Narcolepsy concept and almost all the sections of the audience will like it. Scenes before the interval will get mixed response. Second half may not be liked by family section of the audience as the plot is a controversial one.


Vishal – Pandianadu gave the much needed HIT for Vishal in his career. NSM created huge expectation as Narcolepsy concept is handled for first time in Tamil Cinema. He has got lots of opportunities to perform in this movie and has lived the role. He has done well in romantic scenes, emotional scenes, and fight scenes and given the best performance in his career. Chemistry between him & Lakshmi Menon has come out well.


Lakshmi Menon – For the first time in her career, she has done urban role. She appears in the screen after 30 minutes of the movie and has performance – oriented scenes till the interval. She doesn’t have many scenes in the second half. She appears in the movie for just 1 hour and has performed well.


Jagan – He plays the role of Vishal’s friend. His comedy has worked a lot, as it is not forced in the movie.


Iniya – Her role in the movie is a controversial one. She has done cameo in the movie, but the whole movie revolves around her. She looks beautiful than the heroine and has done her role with ease.


Sundar Remu – His characterization in the movie is very important one and if revealed, it will play the spoilsport.


Jayaprakash – He plays the role of Lakshmi Menon’s dad and his characterization changes in each and every scene.


Saranya Ponvannan – As usual, she has given awesome performance as mother and her voice modulation will make the audience to clap.


Cinematography- Richard Nathan has tried out various angles and it has come out really well. Songs by G.V. Prakash were quite average. But, the choreography & cinematography of the songs make it watchable. “Idhayam Unnai Theduthe” song is misplaced and it impacts the flow of the movie.


Costume Designer Vasuki Bhaskar needs special mention as the costumes in the songs were really colourful and looking good.


Editing by Ruben was quite good. He has edited in such a way, that the audience are engaged throughout the movie with twists.


Director Thiru – This is his 3rd consecutive movie with Vishal after “Theerathae Vilayattu Pillai” & “Samar”. Vishal has lots of confidence on Thiru and even mentioned that he will do Thiru’s next movie during Samar Press Meet itself. He has to be applauded for taking an experimental movie with bold plot in Tamil Cinema. He has made sure that the audiences are engaged throughout the movie with lots of twists. It could have been much better, if he has handled the Narcolepsy concept with a different plot in the second half. Though, it is a controversial one, he has made sure that the scenes were quite engaging. But, the climax falls flat with a usual cinematic fight scene.


Overall, NSM has excellent first half, mediocre second half with controversial plot and as usual cinematic climax.


Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.75 / 5


Rating of this movie for people who like experimental movies, bold attempts, engaging thrillers– 3.5 / 5


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