Electro-Moulding force of Rajini'Kantham'

Electro-Moulding force of Rajini'Kantham'

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Recently I stumbled upon an article from ‘fakingnews’ website (satirical) about today's youths’ state of intellect. It stated that, in this Information Age, youngsters claim that they are intellectual and knowledgeable by merely reading a few tweets and Facebook posts. Funny! Well, I am a 90's kid and didn't have much access to Information like nowadays. The only windows of outer world's knowledge and social behavior apart from Schools/library are movies & Doordarshan (DD) serials. We have to admit that, knowingly or unknowingly, they did influence and mould our lives. Tamil DD serials like 'Eureka Eureka' & 'Srirangathu Devathaigal' inspired me to go for Engineering. Similarly, being a Rajinikanth fan since my childhood, all 'electrifying' dialogues/lyrics/speeches of the 'Rajinikanth force' indeed had a 'moulding' impact. I know there is a dedicated book on a similar topic, titled 'Rajini's PUNCHtantra'. But here I try to present some of the missed out sayings/interpretations. Also, I do not claim that the concepts are novel, but it’s about the phenomenal impact with its sincerity of purpose, when it's delivered by our Superstar, backed by his off-screen life and conduct. 


This post depicts from Rajini fans' perspective. Fans of other actors, cinema patrons, or anyone born before 90s with considerable exposure to cinema, can also very well relate with this substance. 


1. "Pennu, Ponnu, Pugazhu pinnaadi aambalainga poga koodaathu...” (Men should never chase women, wealth or fame; rather they should chase men. Movie: Baasha, 1995)

These very few words just shaped our adulthood.  If you look at these words in a literal sense, it may appear chauvinistic for some feminists. But the subtle interpretation is that people should be self-disciplined enough to take up responsibilities in a manly manner and lead the family/society, rather than merely craving for desires without any rationale.  You should live up a life in which you take responsibilities for the upliftment of your family/society which in turn inspires other people/wealth/fame to follow you. Deserve first, your desires will get fulfilled as a by-product. 


2. "Kettuponavan vaazhalaam, aana nalla vaazhnthavan kettu poga koodaathu...” (The rise of the defeated is good; but never the downfall of the prosperous. Movie: Annamalai, 1992)

In this competitive world, sometimes we happen to compete with several peers, relatives and friends, without even our willful participation. But it has to be graceful and win-win. Revenge is not about defeating the enemy, but it’s about proving your capability and yet letting him to live. 


3. "Unless you have chaste qualities basically in you, you can't respect yourself. I respect myself.” (Delivered in English. Movie: Mannan, 1992)

As Aristotle says, ‘The Soul never thinks without a mental image'. It all begins with a mental image of yourself. What you are capable of, what you want to achieve, how you lead, how you want to deliver, how you want your relationships - all of these get influenced by self-respect which in turn decides your dignity. 


4. “Amma endru azhaikkaatha uyir illaye...” (Song from Movie: Mannan, 1992)

Needless to explain about this song. Trying to describe it, might possibly dilute the powerful emotions beyond words expressed herein. But one thing for sure: The way we hailed our parents before and after this song in our lives, is just matchless. 


5. "Indha ulagathula unnai vida periyavan yaarum illa, bayapadaathey; unnai vida chinnavanum yaarum illa, yaaraiyum thaazhva ninaikaathey...” (In this world, nobody else is superior to you, so don’t be afraid of anyone. Also, nobody else is inferior to you, so don’t underestimate others.  Movie: Thillumullu, 1981)


Though delivered in a funny note in that movie, I feel it’s profound. Be it a simple success or a critique in our daily lives, it does affect most of us in such a way where we end up wasting precious time in ruminations. In this quote, the perspective thrown is to have a balanced mind highlighting the transient nature of success, failure, pride or humiliation. 


6. “Unnoda vaazhkai un kaiyil irukku... Aduthavan koduthaa, adhu nikkaathappaa...” (Your life is in your hands. If you acquire a living through someone else, it may not last. Movie: Rajathi Raja, 1989)

Unless you have acquired the skill with your own efforts to create/sustain wealth, relationships for yourselves, don’t expect it to last forever even if all of them happens to you by chance.  


7. "Podaathey thappu kanakku... Yeraalam namma sarakku..” (Never underestimate me; what you know of me is just the tip of iceberg. Movie: Pandiyan, 1992)


This line and the preceding line in that song, is similar to Mario Puzo’s Godfather dialogue, 'Let your friends underestimate your virtues, and enemies overestimate your faults’. As Robin Sharma says, 'The authority and aura of a leader grows with the mystique he has created'. To have such mystique in store, it requires persistent efforts, dedication, penance and contemplation. 


8. 'Indha prapanchathula, manitha uyir oru vibathu' (In this huge cosmos, human life is an accident. Movie: Enthiran, 2010)


We do understand that the world is filled with natural calamities, uncertainties, power-abusals and other harmful elements. For all such mishaps, it’s sometimes difficult to end up convincing ourselves attributing the cause to be our past lives' Karma or our failure to recognize the true god. But it becomes much easier for us when we understand the randomness in our lives by accepting that, "In this huge cosmos, human life is an accident". That indeed makes us truly thankful for this life and to treat other lives with equal importance. 


9.  "Vaaipugal amaiyaathu.. Naam thaan amaithu kolla vendum” (Opportunities don't just happen. You have to make it happen. Movie: Kochadaiiyaan, 2014)


Instead of whining that someone got luckier without efforts like yours, just stand up every time you fall, take ownership, put continuous efforts and create opportunities. Luck and fortune favors only the prepared mind. 


10.  "Oru thadavai aravanaicha kai.. Aayiram thadavai adichaalaum thaangikuvaen.." (For she did a kind, supportive gesture once, I will bear even if I get hit, a thousand times. Occasion: Rajinikanth’s speech in Manorama’s felicitation function)


This is exactly in accordance with our great Thirukural 108 & 109 ('Nandri marappathu nandrandru.. & Kondranna innaa seyyinum..') which states that, 'It is not good to forget a benefit; it is good to forget an injury even in the very moment’ & 'Though one inflicts an injury great as murder, it will perish before the thought of one benefit (formerly) conferred’. Such is the mark of elevated consciousness of our dear Rajinikanth.


This list is by no means exhaustive and we have hundred such lines in each of his movies/speeches/songs. Am sure every terror fan of any other person would have his own list of such sayings/words by his demigod. We are all set for Lingaa now and rest assured that it will be once again a milestone in present/future fans’ lives. A Movie-Release event is the time when we are offered boons by our idols for the penance we never did. For the oblation we offer as ticket money, the boon we get is incomparable. Quote inspired from Thiruvasagam (Koyil Thirupathigam), 'Thanthathu ticket panam .. Vendrathu Un first show Anubavam.. Nammil Vendravar yaar, en Theivamey?!' ('I merely gave my ticket money. But I won an exciting experience of your first day show for my lifetime. Now, Tell me who is the winner between us, my dear idol?!')


Dedicating this post to all such terror fans at this momentous occasion of Lingaa release on Thalaivar’s birthday. 


Thalaivaa.. We just love you. Your mov(i)es, personification, qualities and life lessons are the electro-moulding forces in our lives.  Happy Birthday Thalaivaaaa…


With love,


Rajni Magesh

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