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Nadigar Sangam to Rajinikanth's rescue

South Indian Artists Association to Rajinikanth’s rescue

Jan 09, 2015

The distributors of Rajinikanth starrer Lingaa had sought the actor to compensate their losses incurred due to the film. Reacting to this, the South Indian Artists Association had issued a press statement saying that the distributors should only approach the producers for this issue and not the artist.


“A film’s success or failure lies only with the audience. There is always loss and gain in any business and film business is no exception. Lingaa was expected to do well and on this belief, the business was done.


Therefore, on such a scenario, when there is loss, it is acceptable to approach the producer to work out some adjustments keeping their next project in mind and to compensate the loss. But it is not right to approach the hero of a film for losses. Every hero’s film will witness both up and down. To feel happy during profit and to expect the hero to intervene during losses is not right and heroes cannot follow this practice.


Therefore, the distributors should discuss with the producer on this issue and not the hero as this practice would set a bad precedence.”


Nadigar Sangam to Rajinikanth's rescue

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