Cuckoo Movie Review by Common Man

Cuckoo Movie Review by Common Man

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Story: A realistic blind people love story without any cinematic compromise. Director had to be hugely appreciated for taking a movie, which is not explored much in Tamil Cinema and for not including any commercial scenes and spoiling the plot of the movie.


Dinesh –This movie will be one of the best movies in his career. He may be called as “Cuckoo” Dinesh, instead of “Attakathi” Dinesh from now on. He has lived the role of a blind guy and has got several scenes to give wonderful performance in this movie.


Malavika Nair – She is one of the luckiest heroines to make debut with such a wonderful role. Most of the girls will not agree to make debut in Tamil Cinema with this kind of characterization. She has boldly accepted the offer and has done complete justice to the role.


Aadukalam Murugadoss – He plays the role of Dinesh’s friend and has done wonderful job.


Ilango and Nandhini, who have acted as lead pair friends are really visually challenged people and they have lived their role. Especially, Ilango has done the role with ease and receives applause from the audience in various scenes for his acting and voice modulation.


Chandrababu, Vijay, Ajith, M.G.R roles have been imitated in the movie with various people. They have acted very well; especially the person who plays Chandrababu’s (Eswar) role has given flawless performance.


Music by Santhosh Narayanan has been already well received by the audience. His BGM along with Ilaiyaraaja songs (it has been used in various important scenes) will be treating to the audience. But, there is also a scene or two, in which it would have been better if it was left silent.


Cinematography by P. K. Varma was awesome. He has portrayed on how blind people sees the world convincingly.


Editing by Shanmugam Velusamy was good. First half & Second half of the movie run for 80 minutes each. Most of the recently released movies run for just 100 minutes. Duration of the movie is a huge let down as it looks dragging in both the halves. 


Raju Murugan had made a wonderful debut in Tamil Cinema. It is definitely a new experience to Tamil Audience. People who want to watch a movie, which has lots of feelings and emotions, will like it. Dialogues n the movie were bold and realistic. There were lots of political related dialogues, which may go well with the current trend. Duration of the movie and dragging scenes, which looks repetitive & dragging climax plays the spoilsport. It is definitely one of the movies which will be praised by the Critics and people who love good cinema. It is definitely not for the commercial movie lovers who expect lots of actions scenes, fast screenplay & comedy scenes, which are not related with the movie.


Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.75 / 5


Rating of this movie for realistic movie lovers  -  3.5 / 5



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