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Starring: Eashwar, Dhyana
Direction: Waterman
Music: S S Kumaran
Production: Gopika international
The first thing that struck about the movie is the relevance of its title. Not only any attempt to make sense of the title proves futile, but also the entire movie watching experience is excruciatingly painful. And this, after a week of promising releases that upped our hopes about the general state of affairs. It’s as if the idea of making the movie is broken into pieces and entrusted to slackers. As a result, you get a product that is so
incoherent - every single aspect (script, dialogues, music and even acting) appears to be made individually and put together to form a final product. Is it only bad editing?

The story traces the life of spoilt rich kid Eashwar, whose father is imprisoned in a murder case. Eashwar is a money lender, along with his mother, and collects repayments with his friend Singampuli. Everything is hunky dory in Eashwar’s life until Dhyana comes along to the village, as the village postmaster’s educated daughter. It is love at first sight but the girl shows some restraint, thankfully. But love develops inevitably. Throw in a few twists and turns, a murder, an accidental witness, corrupt police officers and a contrived, supposed to tug at your heart, climax the movie is complete.

The director has obviously felt the need to tell the world that his movie ought to be taken seriously. So the movie suffers from a heavy Sethu hangover. It worked for Sethu since the movie had an earnest story and everything about it felt right. But alas, any attempt to replicate that classic will always be overshadowed by that powerful movie. Virunthali suffers from that fate exactly.

Eashwar shows some potential, if it was with a better script or, probably, director, he would have garnered some attention. Rest of the cast, including the heroine, Dhyana, whose character is supposed to evoke sympathy, is poorly written and comes across as unfinished. As a result, you feel nothing for the sufferings, the film’s characters undergo.

Everything else, including S S Kumaran’s background score and songs is unremarkable. The songs, not only hinder whatever progress the movie makes, they also are painfully loud and ear-splitting. Hariharan saves the ‘Un Jannal’ song solely owing to his credentials.

Despite the availability of a producer like Rajesh Gopinath, the director and his team has failed to cash in on the opportunity. Virunthali is nothing but an attempt at movie making, a bad one at that. In the end, the director might have learnt some lessons but the fact that he attempted something mind numbing as this will remain forever in his bio-data.

Verdict: No guests allowed!

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