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Starring: Nandha, Chaya Singh, Master Aryan.
Direction: Naga
Music: Ramesh Krishna
Production: Shankar
Naga, the director of television serials like Marmadesam, Vidadhu Karuppu, Chidambara Ragasiyam, begins his silver screen directorial debut with Ananthapurathu Veedu under the prestigious S Pictures of director Shankar. In Kollywood, S Pictures have become synonymous with quality productions and this has naturally upped the expectations quotient along with
  Ananthapurathu Veedu
Naga’s reputation on the subject. For his directorial debut, the director has chosen to tread on the path that he has quite often ridden in his television assignments and which are his comfort zones.

AV revolves around an ancestral house in Ananthapuram, which has remained uninhabited for several years owing to the sudden demise of a couple in an accident. Their son Bala (Nandha), who is running his own leather business in Chennai, comes to the property after 15 years with his wife Revathy (Chaya Singh) and his small boy Ananth (Aryan). Very soon, unexplained incidents happen in the house which makes Revathy, a claustrophobic, wanting to get out of the house. However, Bala does not believe in her and dismisses the events as sheer coincidences. It was their son Ananth, a speech impaired child who discovers the abnormal activities around the house but unable to comprehend and convey.

The factor in which AV stands out is the spirits are well meaning ones and are that of Bala’s parents. They always help the inmates of the house. At a time when films dealing with paranormal activity or supernatural powers are all evil ones and sends Goosebumps or shiver down your spine, AV comes as a fresh whiff of air and within twenty minutes of the film, the audiences are relaxed that they are not going to be subjected to some creepy ride. Nevertheless at this juncture, the director places a mysterious situation involving the hero and his business partner Jeeva who comes to the town to discuss a financial problem with Bala. Revathy comes to know that her husband is in serious mess in his business and that they are stuck at the house unless Bala returns money that he has borrowed from a few people. The answers to questions like whether Bala was able to return the money and if so how, what do the spirits do and who is the actual culprit in his misadventure are found in the rest of AV.

It was initially surprising to see a U certificate for a horror flick. But as the film unfolds, the reasons become lucid. Naga must be credited with giving a clean family flick in his debut vehicle. The moment we realize the spirits are good ones, we start enjoying their antics. The sequences where the spirits take care of cooking to cleaning to healing are enjoyable and women would certainly want to lease such kind of spirits to help them in their daily chores.

The kid Aryan is a revelation, reminds a lot of young version of Sachin Tendulkar. With his unruly curly mane and apt expressions, he captivates the hearts. Chaya Singh appears in Kollywood after Vallamai Thaaraayo and is adequate. However, it was Nanda who misses many a chance to prove his acting prowess. He remains contrived mostly. Kalaivani, as the governess of the house, is decent. Nandha’s friend Jeeva who was seen in K Balachander’s serial Sahana has delivered it right.

Technically, AV cannot boast much because there is not much scope for it and the team has also not attempted for it. Cinematography by Arun Mani Palani is in sync with the theme and there are just two songs and music scored by Ramesh Krishna does not stay in the minds. Most of the film is shot within the house and CG work is just average.

Although AV has a couple of pluses to its credit, it lacks in pace and there is an uneven keel to it. The narration does not engage the audience which is much needed for a film like this. AV does not scare you at all and is right for people wanting a relaxed family fare.

Verdict: No scare, this haunted house!

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