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Starring: Karunas, Navneet Kaur, Kota Srinivasa Rao, R. Sundarrajan.
Direction: Ramanathan
Music: Karunas
Production: John Prieto
After the positive response that he received for his previous outing as hero in Dindugal Sarathy, Karunas once again tries his luck as the protagonist in John Preito’s production venture Ambasamudhiram Ambani directed by P Ramanath. The title to a large extent is indicative of the content of the film and its proceedings of a hardworking young man wanting to make it big on his own in the bad city in a right manner and his struggles to achieve his goal.
  Ambasamuthiram Ambani

Karunas loses his dad at a very early age and later on his mom too dies in a stampede in the process to acquire free saree. Forced to fend for himself from childhood, Karunas sets his foot on to the big metro city Chennai. He meets Kota Srinivasa Rao through whom he gets small time jobs and starts saving his money diligently. He laments about the fact that the paucity of a few hundreds of rupees has cost the life of his mom and realizes the importance of money and its reach. He strives very hard and desires to scale greater heights and dreams of becoming big like the Ambanis. (There comes the title connect!).

He wants a small shop in the commercial complex that is being built by Kota Srinivasa Rao who refuses citing Karunas’s weak financial status. Bogged down by this, Karunas pleads with him saying that Kota was the one who showed him a way when he first came to Chennai and appeals to help him realize his dreams. Kota also yields with a condition that if Karunas manages the money in a few months time, the shop would be his, otherwise it will not be. Kota warns Karunas that the help that is being extended to him should not be revealed to anyone not even to Kota’s son. Karunas gladly agrees and is delighted that his Ambani dream is after all at an achievable distance.

Meanwhile, fate with its cruel sleight of hands prove spoilsport in Karunas’s life when Kota Srinivasa Rao dies. Karunas is shell shocked and his Ambani dreams are blown apart. Groping in the dark and not knowing how to proceed with things, he approaches Kota’s son and tries to explain the situation but as expected he does not believe Karunas. This leads Karunas to pack his bags along with his wife Navneeth, and assistant Shankar to leave for his native town. What happens afterwards? Whether he was able to realize his dreams or not form the rest of Ambasamudhiram Ambani.

Director Ramanath has chosen the ‘honesty is the best policy’ and ‘hard work always pays rich dividends’ as his central theme and has spun a story around it. An interesting fact about AA is that the film does not show cigarette smoking or drinking or drugs anywhere which comes as a refresher among the current crop of films. Characterization of Karunas, Kota and the assistant boy Shankar is worth mentioning. Entire film rests on Karunas’s shoulders and he has understood the same and delivered the goods. A simple testimony is the scene when he shows myriad emotions at Kota’s death. His helplessness at the seemingly bleak future and the shattered dreams are very well portrayed by this comedian turned character artiste. Performance-wise the assistant boy Shankar steals the show next to Karunas. His talent comes to the fore in the scene when he steals the few currency notes that Karunas has.

Having said that, comedy is a big let down in AA and so is the irritable Kulfi ice episodes and the heroine’s vulgar dance moves. The sequences with Livingstone do not gel well with the film. AA cannot boast itself to be riding high on the technical front as the script too does not warrant it. Karunas’s music and Sabesh Murali’s BGM just pass muster. In the Othakallu song, cameraman shaking the camera to bring some kind of effect misfires drastically and is an eye sore. Although AA moves at a lackadaisical phase, it sure is a lesson for people striving to achieve excellence through hard work. AA is a good moral story apt for a family outing.

Verdict: A booster tonic for success aspirants in a right way!

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