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Starring: Natraj, Poongodi
Direction: Ravi Mariah
Music: Sabesh - Murali
Production: Shri Nataraja Arts

The title gives the impression of a spicy entertainer and that is what the makers of Milaka have tried to deliver. Too little or too much spice can play spoilsport with any product, the essence lies in getting the optimum. Have the makers of Milaka got the spice quotient right?

Set in Madurai, which seems to be the hottest Kollywood destination/backdrop these days,
Milaka tells the story of a typical Madurai youth who unwittingly gets involved into a tussle with a group of brothers and fights his way to end up on top. The issue, as in most movies, is the heroine. So, it is another clichéd hero-heroine fall in love, fight villains and live happily ever after kind of movie, you might think. But, that is not all about Milaka. The interesting and a bit suspenseful portions of the movie are in the first half where the heroine is shown to be under the constant vigil of 3 brothers, who follow her to all places. The girl seems to be at extreme discomfiture due to their presence and also seems to fear pretty grave consequences if she were to publicly cry out for help. But, she smartly tries to grab the attention of people around her by dropping off notes that detail her predicament and ask for help. But, as one would expect, the odds of someone noticing these are very slim. And, even if someone happened to notice and read these small notes, the chances that they would take it seriously and arrange for help are even more minimal.

But, why is the girl stuck in such a situation and who are those 3 brothers who keep hounding her all the time. As the movie progresses, we are told the reasons for all this and it is also revealed that there is a fourth brother who has lost his mental bearings. His condition is also connected to the girl’s predicament, in a very unfortunate manner. So, how does the hero get involved in all this and how are issues sorted out? That is what Milaka is all about.

There is no doubt about what the makers of Milaka have envisioned: nothing ground breaking or novel, but a fairly enjoyable commercial ride through Madurai which has its share of uniqueness, clichés and stereotypes in equal measure.

Bollywood cameraman Nataraj makes his debut as hero with Milaka and has done a fairly neat job of being the typical Tamil male lead. Poongodi, the damsel in distress, too is convincing, especially in the initial portions. The rest of the cast remains true to the typical Madurai style and slang, with which we have become very familiar thanks to a whole lot of films that have been made with the same backdrop. However, the surprise element comes in the form of director Singam Puli (Mayavi fame) who handles the comic department in Milaka. His characteristic Madurai accent and seemingly natural flair and timing for comedy have worked well to produce enjoyable lighter moments on screen. He stands to get more such opportunities in future.

On the technical front, Milaka has nothing much to boast off, all departments functioning fairly well according to the requirements of the movie. Sabesh Murali’s music fails to add any strength to Milaka, there is not a single tune that catches the audience’s attention.

Milaka is a film that makes no attempt to hide its intentions to be a full on commercial and is loaded with all that is considered to be part of regular Kollywood masala fare. But, it is not only about those stereotypes, there are interesting moments and twists which stop the movie from being another cliché fest. Watch Milaka if you don’t mind the masala which coats the pretty interesting basic plot.

Verdict: Spice-not quite optimum

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