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Starring: Kathir, Arundathi
Direction: Senapathy Magan
Music: Barani
Production: S.A. Chandrashekhar
As much as we are stuck with the song-and-dance routine in our movies, there are a few recurring themes those can just not simply be done away with. Veluthu kattu, produced by S A Chandrasekhar and directed by Senapathy Magan, deals with exactly one of those themes: it’s Amman Koil Kilakaale meets Kilakke Pogum Rail.

  Veluthu kattu
Veluthu kattu revolves around a puppy love that develops into something big, parental pressure against the couple’s marriage and their need to prove themselves to win their parents approval. All this happens after two jail sentences imposed on each of the lead and their wait for each other until the sentence is over. So filmy indeed!

Debutant Kathir plays a hopeless and cantankerous guy whose short temper almost costs him his love. Kathir slacks in his studies and ends up being a no-gooder. Arundathi is his childhood sweetheart whose parents refuse to get her married off to Kathir for obvious reasons. Kathir is in a need to prove himself and upon Arundathi’s insistence, goes to Chennai in search of greener pastures. He befriends another girl, secures a big fat loan, gets into a restaurant business (as simple as that indeed!) and makes big money.

But all is not well with Arundathi, who is forcefully married to another man in Kathir’s absence. Arundathi does not take it lightly and hacks her husband to death. This eventually sends her to the prison. Now what will happen of Kathir? Will he wait till she returns?

With a storyline like that, the movie could have fit anywhere between the 70s and the late 80s. But blame our stars; we stand witness to a melodramatic and twisted tale of women falling for men who are supposedly good at heart but still good for nothing other than wooing them. Time and again! And it’s not only a singled out case. We are a jinxed audience and the director probably thinks this is what we deserve.

There is lots of scope for Kathir to improve in terms of performance and everything while Arundathi can shine in the hands of an able director and a good role. The movie, as such, wallows in melodrama so much that you stop caring for its actors; and most of it seems forced as well.

In the otherwise dismal state of affairs, the songs are just above passable in Bharani’s music. Director Senapathy Magan might want to do a reality check as to how life is lived in villages. For one, girls from the villages are not naïve enough to squander their lives for unreasonable and foolish men. It’s mortifying even to think!

Verdict: Amman Koil Kilakaale meets Kilakke Pogum Rail!

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