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Review by : Harish V
Starring: Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Aarti Chabbaria, Satish Shah.
Direction: Satish Kaushik
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Production: S K Films Enterprises
If only the world hadn’t drooled upon the Zero figure of Kareena, if only Kareena and Shahid hadn’t grown into such brilliant performers in the past few years, if only we all have not been accustomed to all those Vishals, Dibakars and Anurags and most of all, if only Shahid and Kareena hadn’t broke up, this attempt at remaking
  Milenge Milenge
the John Cusak starrer ‘Serendipity’ by the remake king - Satish Kaushik would have had few more chances of increasing its first week collections by a tiny margin. But this long delayed movie may have looked quite an interesting watch due to the cool posters but is as dated as Kareena’s flab.

The story is about Kareena waiting for Mr. Right, Shahid Kapoor posing to be Mr. Right falls in love with Kareena. Shahid becomes Mr. Right but its too late, Kareena is long gone leaving away a trail – a fifty rupee note with Shahid’s name and phone number and Kareena’s name and phone number in a book which is being passed on from one old book stall to another. And now it’s left to Destiny (read - the Director) to reunite them. Can it?

Satish Kaushik, a brilliant actor, is not an accomplished filmmaker by any standards. He has found few successes but the success rate ratio is pretty low. And this one too is a losing venture from the very first frame. The story is outdated, acting – overdone, comedy – crass, screenplay – lackluster. And when I sit and wonder about the plusses and minuses of this movie, there seems to be dominance of the latter as I hardly could come up with one or two in the former side. So the Satish Kaushik’s cameo and the rare glimpse of Aarti Chabbaria’s sexy body seemed to be the only plusses and the rest (which is almost 97% of the movie) is forgettable.

Kareena Kapoor looks dead throughout the movie; she looks uninterested from the second reel. Shahid looks fresh but overacts in almost all the scenes. Delnaz Paul is her usual quirky overacting self, Satish Shah and Kiron Kher has only one emotion throughout - the first being happy and cheerful and the second giving a mysterious smile. Satish Kaushik does a cameo effectively; Aarti looks hot but has no role.

Technically, the movie looks as old as floppy drives, S Sriram’s cinematography may have looked good if the movie had released three years ago as it was supposed to, and the same can be said about the rest of the crew too. Himesh comes up with a real bad score with not even a single song is hummable or presented well.

Overall, Boney Kapoor, not even in the wildest of imagination, would have thought Shahid and Kareena would break up as due to that the movie had been in the cans for quite a long time. And the producer would have just expected that both will surely Milenge Milenge, if only life can also be controlled by Satish!

Verdict: Outdated beyond belief

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