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Starring: : Veerasamar, Amala.
Direction: Satish
Music: Shajan Madhav
Production: F C S Creations
Crime is perhaps the easiest and the most lucrative way out of hardships, but it is also one that will lead to one’s doom, even if one deeply desires to mend ways and return to an honest life. Veerasekaran revolves around this concept, which no doubt, has been tried and tested in various ways in many films before. Does this one have enough novelty and clarity in presentation to stand out from the lot, is the question?

Veerasekaran tells the story of a young man, who comes to Chennai from his village to get himself good education. Without any money or friends, he is soon driven to the streets and later into a cemetery which is the only place where he finds someone to support him. No, it is not a ghost, only the caretaker/undertaker of the cemetery. He fights through all hardships to attend college. And, one day the answer to all his troubles arrives (or so it seems) in the form of a local politician (Prathap Pothen) who believes in supporting struggling students. The politician literally adopts
the young man and takes care of all his needs. But, is there an ulterior motive in all this charity, does the politician expect favors in return, or is he utilizing the young men for something sinister? Does the protagonist of Veerasekaran get entangled in the web or is he successful in getting the perpetrators into knots? Watch Veerasekaran to find out.

The first thing about the film that strikes you is its dreariness, which seems intentional to an extent. It gets to you very early into the movie and plays spoilsport with the whole viewing experience. Of course, there is nothing much you can expect in terms of richness or visuals when the proceedings are set in a cemetery. But, the cemetery setting is a bit unconvincing in the first place. Of all the places in the city, a cemetery would be the last resort for any person (living or dead). But, the director has not been able to effectively portray the circumstances that drive the protagonist towards the cemetery, the location, instead of seeming inevitable, looks forced into the script just to add a rough edge to the film. That sadly, goes against the final product. And, even though the story moves along in subsequent portions without too many major flaws, there is nothing that makes one sit up and take notice. The main reason for this seems to be the character development, which is incomplete. The politician’s character, which is pivotal to the movie, is denied strength or scope by the script which undermines everything that he does and consequently ends up making the protagonist’s character look that much underdeveloped. The director has tried to infuse a touch of poignancy into the climax, which does not work because one has not been able to connect with the characters throughout the length of the film.

Veerasamar, art director of films like Veyil and Kaadhal, has to go a long way before he can be called an actor. Of course, the lack of substance in the script does not give him many opportunities to shine, but his inexperience in front of the camera does show. To his credit, however, he has reminded us of his art directorial skills through a couple of songs. Hope he does not give up on that in lieu of acting. Prathap Pothen is given a character that does not demand the use of all his experience and skill. And, Amala Paul appears in a character, which you would normally call a heroine, but has far too little scope and space to be accorded that status. Technical aspects don’t make any mark on the viewer. Action, which can be expected to be an important element in such a film, also fails to impress.

Veerasekaran is an effort by a new and young team which seems to have lost direction somewhere along the way. The lead actors, director and all crew members need to make huge strides to be able to impress the audiences next time round.

Verdict: Veerasekaran has no fight in him!

Star: 0
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