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Starring: : Omesh Kesar, Neela, Sangeetha, Venu Aravind, Jayashree.
Direction: Omesh Kesar
Music: Viswa Malik
Production: Solar Movies
Azhukkan, the makers wouldn’t want the film to literally live up to its name! And, in case you are wondering about this movie, it made quite an unobtrusive entry into theaters this weekend hardly making any noise or publicity for anyone to realize that such a movie is around. But, publicity and extent of release are only peripheral factors. Does Azhukkan have the right ability to outgrow these limitations and get noticed?

Azhukkan, which can be slotted into the genre of drama, tells the story of a man who leads a shabby/shady life (Omesh Kesar) of crime and indiscipline. A slum dweller, he and his gang have absolutely no humane emotions, or so it seems, until a new character enters or rather intrudes into the life of Azhukkan. Is it a woman who claims to love him? Or is it a godfather like character who leads him along a path of virtue? No, that is where Azhukkan gets different from the run of the mill stuff in Tamil cinema. One wishes that such a statement could have been made. But, all the
novelty in the plot is lost because of a certain movie named Yogi which was released a couple of months ago. Anyone who has seen Yogi will now have no trouble in guessing the character that changes Azhukkan’s life forever.

Just because Yogi and Azhukkan are two different movies made by different teams, the use of the word ‘identical’ might be harsh. But, for all practical reasons, they are the same. Of course, that is expected when two filmmakers draw inspiration from the same source, which happens to be a film called Tsotsi. Two films drawing inspiration from the same source is not new to Tamil cinema. We have earlier had films like Vegam and Nayagan (J.K.Ritesh’s), both of which were based on the English flick Cellular. But, this tendency is definitely unhealthy for the industry.

But, let us forget all that and try focusing only on Azhukkan and its qualities. The plot might bear novelty for those unfamiliar with Yogi. But, that is as good as it gets for Azhukkan. The script meanders pointlessly in most parts and is laden with quite painful comedy handled by Robo Shankar. The dialogues make little or no impact. The camera work strictly meets the requirements of the movie, nothing more. Music by Viswa Malik, even though only middling, is one of the better aspects of the movie, considering the standards set by the other departments. There are very few other things in the movie that stick to the mind, which kind of sums up things. The only portion that might make one take interest is the climax. If ever, there is a silver lining in this cloud, then it is the climax. It does create bit of an impact, making one feel for the protagonist. But, all that comes a bit too late and is sadly inadequate in salvaging the movie.

The most disappointing part of Azhukkan remains its casting and performances. From top to bottom, the cast looks extremely amateurish. Omesh Kesar, Neela, Sangeetha, Venu Aravind and Jayashree form the main cast and really disappoint with the show they have put up. Be it the expressions or dialogue delivery, everything looks undercooked. One cannot be sure about the reasons for this. It might just be plain inexperience in front of a camera (even though some of them are small screen artistes) or poor handling by the director (Omesh Kesar).

Overall, Azhukkan is a film that has come too late. It has been preceded by Yogi, which in spite of being a much more sensibly crafted product, could not make a big impact at the box office. Azhukkan looks like a shabbily stitched together effort which leaves the viewer with nothing to savor. Sadly for its makers, Azhukkan does literally live up to its title.

Verdict: Amateurish outing

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