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Review by : Harish V
Starring: : Tabu, Sharman Joshi, Uvika Chaudhary, Vatsal Sheth, Ayub Khan.
Direction: Kedar Shinde
Music: Pritam Chakraborty
Production: Tips Music Films
Have you ever gone to a theatre and slept off? Have you ever thought of leaving the theatre half way into the movie due to the predictability of the movie? Have you ever thought of how it would be to take the 80’s Hrishikesh Mukharjee style and mix it with 90’s DDLJ style and presenting it in this new decade? I hope you all would have understood where I am heading.

A gossiping housewife who tries to find answers to all her questions with a flip coin which has Ganesh and Lakshmi impressions on either side, a girl who can’t talk against her sister even when her life is at stake, an engineering student who never goes to college (ok, that we can waive off), a young man who wants to get back his love by winning the family’s trust and not by force. Sounds interesting? Wait! Doesn’t this sound familiar too? Well, ‘Toh Baat Pakki’ is a movie which is not going to change the face of the industry but it’s harmless with an uncanny resemblance to last month’s ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’.
  My Name is Khan

The story is about Rajeshwari (Tabu), a talkative housewife of Surinder (Ayub Khan) who wants to marry off her sister, the innocent Nisha (Uvika) to a decent guy. Rajeshwari meets Rahul (Sharman) an engineering student, and impressed by him decides to marry off Nisha to him. But when she meets Yuvraj Saxena (Vatsal Sheth) a settled rich boy, Rajeshwari decides to switch the Dulha. Again there is one more problem - Nisha and Rahul have fallen in love with each other. Rahul decides to play the nice guy and try to win her over without affecting the family reputation of Rajeshwari and Yuvraj Saxena. And obviously he does, but how? Well no points for guessing the predictable pranks.

Kedar Shinde, the director of the movie has a bright future. His direction is good but real shame that he had selected this script to be his first Hindi movie. The scene in which Sharman teaches Tabu’s Son about Solar eclipse is a very cute scene and there are loads of such instances. The conflict in the movie was so trivial that it could have been sorted if everyone sat down and conversed.

Technically the movie is below average, with a cinematography which had nothing new to offer, in fact it was outdated. The color scheme was not consistent and a half done editing plus the 80s musical score by Pritam, which was a real bore.

Acting wise, Tabu and Sharman both share the honors with an enthusiastic performance. Tabu looks weak and tired but acting wise she still got the fire in her to impress one and all. Sharman, fresh from his 3 Idiots super success, has given an energetic performance. Uvika looks ravishing but should definitely work on her acting. Ayub Khan is good. Vatsal and the rest of the cast have also done a decent job.

Overall a movie which is not a bad movie at all - but definitely not a movie which had to be made.

Verdict: Watch if you are a Tabu / Sharman Fan

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