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Starring: : Sarathkumar, Shriya Saran, Goundamani.
Direction: KS. Ravikumar
Music: Rafi
Production: Raadan Media Works

Jaggubhai earned enough publicity before its release, rather unfortunately due to the infamous leak on the internet and the subsequent distribution of pirated CDs. Notwithstanding the fact that there is the usually reliable Sarathkumar – KSR team act, Jaggubhai could not evoke any sense of fulfillment; or revoke the bad publicity.

What is supposed to be the action-thriller proves to be a soggy affair, for the script lacks any drive to propel the movie to better standards than how it started. At a time when Tamil movies are undergoing a transformation of sorts, KSR still sticks to his as-thin-as-a-wafer story line of a police operation gone wrong, a misunderstood wife and lost daughter-father relationship angle.

Watching Jaggubhai only made us wish he grew out of his own little circle, raising his bars to direct more interesting projects in the future. Not that we have any issues with him sticking to his good-old formulae and strategies, the issue is that the trick is losing steam, and no longer holds water in the current scenario.


Jaggubhai is the tale of a police officer, Sarathkumar, whose mission to Australia to nail the weapon dealer Hamid Ansari misfires in a complicated arrangement of marrying the dealer’s secretary. Sharath marries Ilavarasi, but is forced to leave her the same day after revealing that he is an undercover police agent on a mission to nab Ansari. Years later, he flies back to Australia after Ilavarasi is killed and realizes he has a daughter – Shriya.

Now is the battle between the villains and Sharath as Shriya is kept at ransom for acquiring the sensitive documents in his possession left behind by Ilavarasi. Does Shriya finally get to know who her dad is and accept him? Do the documents reach safe hands? These are the vital questions answered by the movie.

At a running time of just a little above 2 hours, Jaggubhai is not an excruciatingly long movie. But the fact that it’s not engaging even in parts makes it difficult to stifle a yawn. The dreary pace never gets better and no aspects, inclusive of Goundamani, enhance the proceedings. Other than the plain fact that we laugh at Goundamani at his mere presence, he doesn’t prop up the lackluster script.

Sarathkumar’s characterization is poorly etched out and it appears as if he has no scope in the movie whatsoever. Shriya ebbs and flows in her role and her willowy frame swathed in designer outfits makes up for more than the lack of proper ‘performer’ moments for her.

Rafi’s score – both background and songs – is just unremarkable, and the songs are defunct. Including Kiran’s item song, which is supposed to pep up the pace. Editing is incoherent and the frames jarringly jump between the scenes. The locations and camerawork are pleasant, thankfully: one of the very few pluses.

So watch Jaggubhai if you must, for the cause of supporting the movie since it was a victim for hackers. But go with zero expectations.

Verdict: Run-of-the-mill!

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