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Review by : Harish V
Starring: : Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Mithun Chakraborty, Jackie Shroff, Zarine Khan.
Direction: Anil Sharma
Music: Sajid Wajid
Production: Eros Entertainment.
This decade’s first big budgeted blockbuster has finally graced the screen. And Eros has made sure that no stones are left unturned. Anil Sharma gave us the Paki bashing All-time blockbuster Gadar-Ek Prem Katha, and ever since trying to mirror such a big hit, Veer might just be the movie he was longing for. But unfortunately he doesn’t deliver the goods completely this time around.

This tale of love and war written by Salman Khan himself is sure to be the toast in the northern regions like Anil’s previous movies but the rest would be a test we would surely want to know the result for. The story of a legendry warrior Prithviraj (Mithun) of the Pindari clan who was made to run thanks to the deceit by the King of Madavgarh (Jackie Shroff), finally tries to regain what is rightfully his through his legendary son Veer (Salman Khan). Prithviraj sends Veer to London to study through a tribal development study program conducted by the Britishers. Veer who is still the warrior at heart slowly understands the art of controlling his anger and in the same time periodfalls for the pretty Yashodhara (Zarine Khan) who as
usual is the daughter of the baddie. Veer comes back to India as a different person and with culture, sheen and style decides to fight back but understands that his fight is not just for Madavgarh but a fight for his nation as well.

The screenplay is tight in the first half but is alarmingly slow in the second half. I never knew that Indian barbarians too looked like some Viking clan having beer in wooden mugs dressed in fur and danced atop tables and skimpily clad girls dancing around with a few making love in public. Anil, is this India you are trying to show? And from when are people are allowed to join college without proper background check even if it is in the 1800s? And only in Indian movies does a bullet travel from 45 degrees downwards and then straighten at the last minute to hit a target. What do Angelina and Morgan know? Only in Indian movies can a person fight for more than an hour and then die after being shot in his chest, Brilliant!! But overall if logic is thrown out of the window, this film works occasionally especially the love story between Salman and Zarine. The ending was supposed to make us emotional. Oh really? If the movie cuts the first 5 minutes and the last 5, it would look much better.

And obviously the energetic power house called Salman Khan, who shows grace when in suit and runs rampage when in warrior suit/ showing his six pack abs. He is brilliant throughout the movie. He looks stunning too. Zarine looks a little fatter version of Katrina and her main job in the movie is to look cute and smile or cry when the camera liberally gives her close-ups almost all through the movie. Sohail is decent and so is Neena Gupta. But Mithun da is a revelation, he is too good even in a not-so well defined character of his. Jackie bears a cunning look and does little apart from that.

The songs and background are the biggest assets for this movie. World class background by Mony needs to be appreciated and kudos are in store for Sajid-Wajid for coming up with a brilliant soundtrack -‘Surili Akhiyon’, ‘Meherbaniyan’ and ‘Salaam aaya’ stays with you long after the theatrical experience is over. But by repeating ‘Surili’ song over and over again, it makes us doze off a bit. The dialogues are good but the punch lines aren’t. Camera by Gopal Shah is good but too many close ups and too many ultra slow motion camera usage doe not gel well with the flow of the movie. The editing is not properly done with many improper cuts and even when the titles are put the sound mixing goes for a toss. You need to work on minutest details when making such a mega scale movie. The grandeur in sets and graphics does give the movie a few plusses extra.

Overall it’s a movie which could have been a good commercial potboiler and it is, till the first half and by using brains more than brawn and inducing unnecessary melodrama in the climax the movie loses its way, but still a decent movie worth a watch.

Verdict: Veer is a target less Teer

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