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Starring: : Dhanush, Shriya.
Direction: Mitran R Jawahar
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Production: Gemini Films Circuit
Exactly a year after Padikkathavan, Dhanush is back for Pongal 2010 with Kutty, the remake of the Telugu super hit Arya which had featured Allu Arjun in the lead. Very clearly Kutty is not the regular Dhanush entertainer. Dhanush had tried the family and sentiment path in Yaradee Nee Mohini and had been quite successful at it. This time with the same man, who made Yaradee Nee Mohini, he has arrived with a theme of persisting with one’s love and hope even when all seems lost. In short, it is about how one man handles his ‘one side love’ and whether his faith ultimately pays off.

For a change, Kutty is a Dhanush film that does not show him as the irresponsible college student who doesn’t care about his studies or future, constantly gets taunted and verbally flayed by his parents and sometimes returns the criticism with some of his witty one- liners. He is the regular college guy with below average looks, low confidence and nothing much that gets him noticed. Shriya is a student in the same college and with her kind of looks she soon becomes the center of attention. While Kutty has already developed a soft corner for her in his heart, she is also in the dreams of one of the most popular guys in the college. The popular guy (Sameer Dattani) also has a very reputed family background. But, even with his kind of profile, it is tough to woo Shriya. He eventually manages
to, but not in the best possible manner and that is where one begins to doubt whether the romance will last. Surprisingly it does, but there are other problems. Marriage is not easy as there are people and forces opposing it. Who supports their love, who opposes it, how do they solve the problems in their life, does their love last through the troubles or does one of them back off when the going gets tough and most importantly what happens to Kutty and his love? Kutty answers this question.

The one factor that keeps the interest in the movie going is the uncertain direction of the relationship. We know for sure what is going on in the minds of Dhanush and Sameer Dattani, but we can't comprehend what Shriya is thinking which makes us unable to predict the direction in which the love triangle of sorts is heading, that is the biggest strength of the movie. But, there are also flaws that stop Kutty from touching our hearts. The screenplay does not pick up pace, it is a rather sedate movement of events throughout. Also, the romance, be it the Sameer - Shriya relationship or Dhanush's one-side feelings, don't really get the bells tolling in our hearts which stops us from wishing that a particular pair finally unite; in short, the romance(s) don't connect. The narration is linear and plain which can be assumed to be necessitated by the story which leaves the movie with innate limitations at providing fun and entertainment. Dhanush has tried to liven up the proceedings with his comedy. Though enjoyable in parts, it does not touch the standards that we have got used to in Dhanush starrers.

Dhanush has lived the role of Kutty, the simple and shy guy who longs for love. He is the major factor that makes the film work to an extent; it is hard to imagine anyone else in this role. Sameer Dattani does his part without leaving much of an impact. Shriya has got a break from the glamour routine for a change which is a relief, and looks fresh and cute. But, she has missed an opportunity to make her mark as a good actress. The climax portions offered scope for expressing emotional turmoil but she has failed to grab the chance, looking stone faced. Veteran Radha Ravi is his usual commanding self. Meghna Naidu appears in an item number and disappears without much effect, a wasted presence.

Technically, the movie does not offer anything special. It is a simple story with minimum requirements; the camera and editing departments have fulfilled them without making any great impression. The music is however a let down, the songs don't get the audience going. Mithran Jawahar has done quite a good job with the dialogues.

Kutty is a film that focuses on love and the ways in which it is expressed. It is definitely different from the regular commercial if you take into account that there is no over the top heroism or loud villains. The director has tried hard to make a feel good romantic flick and has partially succeeded. If you don't mind narration that is on the slow side more often than not and if you are willing to compromise a bit on entertainment for the central plot, then you might end up liking Kutt .

Verdict: One side love – honest and likeable

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