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Review by : Harish V
Starring: : Shahid Kapoor, Genelia Dsouza, Mohnish Behl, Parikshat Sahni.
Direction: Ken Ghosh
Music: Pritam Chakraborty, Adnan Sami, Sandeep Shirodkar, Ken Ghosh
Production: Ronnie Screwvala
After seeing Luck by Chance and Shortkut last year, about struggling actor’s desperate attempt in achieving stardom, this year starts off with another such story. Though in the first two, the movies were about how people change after attaining stardom, this movie is completely about the struggle.

After making a super hit mushy love story and following it up with a flop romantic thriller which still did impress many for the slick film making, Ken Ghosh seemed to have got in him to reach the top. But the failure of his second movie seemed to have made the director more cautious and has again relied on a feel-good underdog story of an upcoming actor and what all he had to meet to achieve his dreams.

The movie not just puts some light on the life of a struggling actor who has all the qualities of becoming a top hero but also has specified the importance of strong supporters needed for him to achieve greatness. In this case, the loving dad who wants him to do what he desires yet concerned about his future too, a loving girl-friend who
  Chance Pe Dance
wants to see the boy-friend achieve great heights, a bunch of school kids to whom he had taught dancing to make him realize that with patience and perseverance anything is possible and last but not the least the car which sheltered him when in-need. The movie thankfully doesn’t lean on melodrama to move forward. The few emotional scenes like the one just before the interval when Shahid succumbs to his ill-luck for the first time and cries out to Genelia, or when he talks about his life on-stage or when Genelia is unable to control her cries when Shahid decides to go back to his home-town, its just perfect. But you needed more such scenes and less of the adventures of him and the kids

The extended scenes of him performing at the reality shows and also the auditions of few other competitors would have increased the tension or drama but the loose screenplay makes it look like a cake-walk for Shahid which hampers the whole show. The predictability and simplicity of the screenplay works for and against the movie. As some scenes needed the punch and it is clearly missing. The father-son relationship has been handled with finesse and seems so believable and cute.

The theatre was filled with hoots and whistles from the fairer sex once Shahid starts of the title song on screen and it hits hysterical levels when he takes of his shirt for the climax song. Shahid is indeed growing in stature and as well into a fine actor. Apart from over doing of few facial expressions the young actor seems to have finally settled on to a rhythm, a rhythm which gladly is not imitating that of Shahrukh anymore. He sets the screen on fire when it comes to dancing which forms the basis of the entire story, thanks to some superb choreography work by Ahmed Khan and Marty Kudelka. Genelia is cute and does her work with conviction. Mohnish Behl is strictly ok, Parikshat Sahni is believable in a role which he has mastered over the past few years.

Overall its a clean and decent movie which could have worked wonders if some more drama is included but overall a cute film which harms no one. But it looks like a movie to showcase the dancing abilities of Shahid.

Verdict: Harmless dance showcase

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